Quality of life update for Quests
issueid=2693 05-30-2020 08:49 PM
Quality of life update for Quests

Okay so first off I think having quests is great.

I think putting quests as a requirement for people to make a welcome station for new players is a great idea since it forces tribe leaders to put quests up for people to do, this is awesome.

However the quest window leaves alot to be desired from a tribe leaders point of view, I can't put a repeat on a quest and retyping the same thing to put multiple copies of the same quest up is honestly really time consuming and bluntly not fun.

Really what we need is the ability to "save a quest" much like a recipe for cooking, this way you could repeatedly put the same quest up as it gets finished, whenever you need it.

A 2nd idea that I feel is missing is some ability to put the quest on repeat till the quest rewards run out. So for example if I was offering 100 dollar bills in exchange for 50 douglas fir cones, it would be helpful if I could put say 1000 dollar bills into the quest totem so that the quest could be completed 10 times before the quest is removed from the totem.

Lots of great ideas in this game, but I really feel alot of it isn't very user friendly, so a update like this could help make the feature easier to use so players spend less time trying to get what they want done in menus, so they can spend more time actually playing the game, the more you can do this, the more fun and less frustrating your game will be cuz folks wana play a game, not play with menus.
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05-30-2020 08:58 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Another idea could be to add number of slots, so where it says "limit: x days" it could also have another stat like "# of players: x left" to show how many more people could accept that quest.

05-30-2020 09:12 PM
Xsyon Citizen
The fact I can't save a quest OR use copy paste for a description, this massively limits how detailed I can be in a quest.

I would "like" to be extremely detailed so that I can create new player fetch quests where the description tells them where to go and what button to press to open the correct menu panel, or any other details they may know.

This way you could use the quest totem as a way to teach new players different aspects of the game, whatever they choose, with the added benefit of gaining a reward.

06-11-2020 04:09 AM
Improving the quest panel and system is already on my todo list.