Super Revs
issueid=2641 04-23-2019 07:35 AM
Super Revs
very fast and agressive revs plus other unusual behavior.

Over the last week or so I've encountered the following unrevlike behaviors on the peace server.

1 excessively aggressive
2 extremely fast when running
3 able to hit you three or more times in the blink of an eye
4 continuing to chase a long way outside their tribal boundary.
5 Stealth hitting/hitting from a longer range

I've experienced all 5 very recently but it is not consistent.

1 when this happens they seem to come from a long way away directly for me

2 it's like they have a sprint mode and not only when chasing but also when just running around

3 it used to be swing run a few steps swing again now you can get swing swing swing without a break

4 I have seen this once in 981 on peace. Rev chased from the western tip of the peninsula there all the way east across the peninsula then follwed into the water and onto the next piece of land where it finally gave up. Tribe was deserted and only a one person tribe.

5 Sometimes when I've miss-timed my step back in I've taken three hits but only one animation. Then when backing up I take a hit without any animation. Often I know I'm out of range (or should be) as I've just been missed by the rev and nothing has changed except now I've been hit.
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04-24-2019 05:55 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Had this happen several times over the years, so it's nothing new, just something that's so rare it can scare the hell out of you when it does happen.

04-29-2019 12:15 AM
This sounds like the same issue with other creatures.

What I believe is happening is that creature commands are getting piled up on the client side. I really don't understand how the recent patch has caused these issues but there are clearly problems.

I'm still working on the upcoming creature updates. I may turn on a portion of the new AI this week (on the Test Server) which processes commands on the client side differently. If I do this I will post in my regular update section.


07-31-2019 03:04 PM
Xsyon Citizen
As of posting, the old Oasis tribe on Peace server has a couple Super Revs as well as 30 ish regular ones.
I can be 3 floors up on a floating floor standing on a cart and just get punched repeatedly until death in just a few seconds while the Revs are on the ground. I tried kiting one to fight it but didn't have a chance with their rate of attack and extra reach.

08-02-2019 03:22 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Mobs have no idea about height, as far as they are concerned you are on the same ground level as them, despite you being 10 floors up.

About a month ago I had an interesting time on WAR, found a recent dead tribe with 30+ revs in it, they acted normally most of the time, but every now and then something would change. Some would start to walk a lot faster than the rest, despite using the same walking animation, some would start to jog a lot faster too.

Then there was the different levels of agro, some revs would completely ignore me, others would run away from me, regular agro was there so you could get a bunch of them following you around trying to hit you (rev train), but if you had any of those that moved faster go agro on you, then they could be on you to fast and hit you several times before you realised it.

Then there was the weird one, like someone flicked a switch, every rev suddenly became "scared" if me, get close to any of them and they would run away, some ran that fast I was having a hard time keeping up. Hitting them like this was almost like being on the test server when mob agro has been turned off, they can be damaged and they react to each hit, but they just wont attack me back, instead they just keep running away, but after a couple of minutes the switch is flicked again and they are all back to trying to kill me.

10-20-2019 03:32 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Creature commands are still getting piled up on the client side, NO change of Oct 2019