Cannot move Trade Totem
issueid=2762 10-17-2020 02:11 PM
Cannot move Trade Totem

Trade Totems are no longer able to be moved after placing. The 'Move' menu will come up, but nothing happens when you click any of the movement keys. Had others try and no one was able to move theirs either.
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12-17-2020 09:43 AM
Hi, sorry for the slow response on this one.

I don't recall ever setting up Trade or Quest totems to be moveable. I think at some point I accidentally patched out the code that shows the button for moving but never implemented the code for the actual move.

Do you remember actually moving these type of totems at some point? (Normally to move a Trade or Quest totem, the player can just place it again and it should move to the new location.


12-20-2020 03:08 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Yes, I do know that we were able to move them once upon a time. You can't drop them on floors, but you could move them to the edge of them (possibly onto the floors, but can't recall 100% on that one). The other trade area design we have done was spacing logs out as a bit of a separator and we would move them into place when they weren't dropped exactly where we wanted them, or if someone picked up their totem or it was removed with their tribe, etc. we could move them to keep things neat and tidy.

Not the biggest deal I suppose, was just surprised when I went to move it and it wouldn't go anywhere. lol

12-27-2020 11:57 AM
Xsyon Citizen
yep used to be able to move them in all directions, even place them on buildings if you wanted to.