issue with trusses and cantilevers
issueid=2851 08-30-2021 02:25 PM
issue with trusses and cantilevers
can not use floors to make a staircase

decided to try this and see what is the appears to be a collision with the trusses and cantilevers when trying to make a staircase. If you try to work from the floor to the top you get a collision says cant place here truss or cantilever in the way. SO I tried from the top down and can place the first one on level with the truss however cant place one belore that recieve same issues cant place truss or cantilever in the way. Using ramps does not look as nice as using floors or decks.
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09-01-2021 08:43 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Do you have pictures?

Have you tried using posts? I find that i can get cantilevers and trusses to do things they normally would not do if i stick a banaya post on the end of what ever the legs of said truss/post is having issues.

09-02-2021 03:04 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Where floors are concerned every truss has a 100mm collision shell around the sides, only the bottom 300mm is clear, so a 4x4 truss/cantilever is too small for any floors to fit inside as they will always hit that shell.

8x8 also have the shell, but as they are larger than 4x4 it means floors can be stacked inside, you just don't have the full 8x8 to play with inside.

09-17-2021 01:21 AM
I've looked over a situation like this (possibly the same situation) with another player and the issue is that the floors weren't intended to be used to build stairs to they don't stack up to the right height. I'll look into this further when I have a chance to work on architecture / building functions again.