Crafting quantities
issueid=1532 03-21-2012 09:34 AM
Crafting quantities

Ive seen a lot of talk about the repetitive clicking of crafting items. Why not have a scheme that would let you do batch quantities of items, like 10 at a time, that was a very rare drop and a very high skill level, 90 or even 100. I feel if you're at that high of a level, you've put in your time clicking and should get a break! The schemes would become highly sought after, a great trading commodity, and people that did have it would have another viable service to sell. You would simply have to insert the required amounts of mats instead of just one and take a bit longer than a single craft.

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03-21-2012 09:37 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Not a horrible idea, but I'd MUCH rather just have the option for everyone..if I have all of the mats in my inventory, I should be able to craft 10 of one item with just one click...clicking 100 times to craft 10 items is silly....

03-21-2012 12:01 PM
Xsyon Citizen
As much it would make it less of a grind, that also would make easier to level skills, also would remove immersion.
I like easier my self but you'd level-up to fast and end-up with nothing else to do.

03-21-2012 12:15 PM
Xsyon Citizen
I like this idea. Its been said before.

I think cutting the # of resources you find, making the resource finding the main thing people are doing instead of clicking endlessly crafting is the way to go. Adding a batch thing like this would be great and not out of balance if they cut the # of resources in game greatly.

99% of the items people make they destroy anyways. Other items people make already last very long. Some exceptions are like saw's where they are hard to get the mats already and last a long time (yes I know it doesnt seem long but going 5 to 30 woodcutting on 1 saw is long in any other game)

If they made the mats a lot more rare, but gave better skill gains for the items you DID craft, people would be more app to make items they needed or others needed. Instead of just making 100000 stone chisels for 20 hours, and deleting them all.

Take leather crafting, I'm making Spooner Thigh Straps. Ive made about 5000 of them so far. They resources are soo easy to get, Ive gone from 5 to 90+ skill just making this same item over and over. Why am I making this item? Not because I need it, but because its easy to level off.

At the same time if my tribe needs 20 craftknives, its very boring to have to click 20x#ofmats+#oftools+craftbutton. I see no reason why we cant batch it. The balancing should be in getting the resources to make the items NOT in how long it takes to click 10000 times to level up.

03-21-2012 12:24 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT
If they made "some of" the mats a lot more rare, but gave better skill gains for the items you DID craft.
Leveled items, amount of resources and rare resources included in, to make an item = more exp.
Then yes.

03-21-2012 07:05 PM
I would like to see this more for building supplies. Brick, mortar, etc. To me thats where it gets redundant. Not only do I have to click 10000 times to harvest the raw mats, but then I have to click 10000 times to make it into the final product. This moreso than crafting weapons, armor, tools, etc seems like an unneccesary time sink.

03-22-2012 07:33 AM
Xsyon Citizen
The problem I think would be, what if my saw is broken (has 1 or 2 crafts left in it) and I do the 10x material craft, does the craft complete? Does the saw break?

I would like to see something like this in place but a little differently than you are thinking. I think an Architect building could be the answer, example Pionner Wood Shed would allow to put materials and tools for X numer of crafts.

03-22-2012 07:58 AM
Xsyon Citizen
That's a good idea Azurfale (imho)....adding in structures that you can place in your tribal area that allow for batch production would be very nice...I like it!

03-22-2012 08:18 AM
Xsyon Citizen
After 20 minutes... I guess the building would do a check to see if the tools could actually do the crafting.

03-22-2012 08:23 AM
Xsyon Citizen
I'd even be okay with it taking longer than it would manually (guess that'd be based off how fast you click, etc) or taking a bit more mats...either'd be nice to have, especially for things like bricks, mortar, etc (Masonry Shack anyone?)

03-22-2012 10:50 AM
Xsyon Citizen
We for sure need something better with all this clicking we will all end up with carpal tunnel. :(

03-22-2012 12:11 PM
I like the building idea as well. It would simulate an actual village...blacksmith, blocklayer, carpenter, etc. I noticed yesterday on the test server the tools had all the "secret" stats turned on and you could see how many uses it had left based on durability, so when you put the tool into the shed it could be a counter that you run up til you hit the max number of uses let of that tool. Then insert x number of mats to meet that quantity.

The issue I see with that idea is the training points.. Who gets them? The person that puts in the tool and mats? Do they get 10x the training points if they do a 10 batch run? In that case new players could max out a skill in a few days just by sitting and waiting by the building. One option would be to have a minimum skill level in the corresponding trade to use the building. Lvl 90 in masonary to make bricks, basketry for twine, etc.

I dont think we want this to speed up skill leveling, nor to remove all the grind for new players. Maybe actually lower the amount of skill you would get from using the do a ten batch quantity with the building, you get the skill points equivalant to doing 5 single craftings. That way you're getting the option to make multiple quantities of items you need, but not just using the building to level up and through the item away.

03-22-2012 12:45 PM
Xsyon Citizen
I like those ideas a lot.
Buildings, and the batch idea.

Ceej389, they can base it on is that say a 10x batch recipe would be a 80 skill recipe, so when you craft it you get the exp of an 80 skill recipe instead of say a 5 skill recipe like you would off a basic brick. If you dont have the 10x recipe you cant make the 10x batch.

Also about your tools idea, yep I agree with it. Or you can simply make the use of that tool use a lot more dura off the tools. If your tool "breaks" during the crafting of the item, then you lose all mats of the 10 bricks, just like you lose all the mats of item now when your tools break.

03-22-2012 12:45 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Perhaps taking the actual skill-up away entirely if you use the structure....that would fix the problem of leveling up too fast and/or figuring out who gets the points. Just make it a convenience thing...

03-23-2012 08:41 PM
Xsyon Citizen
I like the batch recipe idea, could even make it consumed by the building.

03-24-2012 04:04 PM
Xsyon Citizen
I had already submitted an idea for batch schemes a while back.

My version was targeted at ~75 in skill. My gist was that it would be for actual item creation, not training or grinding. Things that you use a lot of in construction like bricks. Whatever factor is used to determine tool wear would be increased to reflect making several items instead of 1. It was pretty basic, and soley intended to lessen repeated clicks once you actually needed to mass produce intermediate goods.

Many here seem to want a "set it and forget it" option--basically let the game grind for you. Personally I feel that sort of option lessens any achievement you may get from actually doing it yourself. I am not saying that you "have" to grind to feel any accomplishment, I am just against anything that entirely removes the player from the game while still allowing gains and/or rewards.

The built machine/structure idea or something else that involves player interaction is a fine idea, but I would also prefer that any machine or structure that automates item creation for you should give zero XP or skill gain. Machines and structures are a lot more intensive on the art and coding side, though. A scheme that simply changes the input and output amounts would be a lot easier to put in, short term.

03-24-2012 08:21 PM
Xsyon Citizen
I agree with the no exp

04-19-2012 05:44 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Totally with this one and would add offline auto-grinding where materials & tools are in your inventory or maybe in a special workshop tent/shack. Constant grinding, repetitive clicking & tapping is just pure boredom and just prevents new players coming on board. Leave the playtime for active fun like trading, exploration, hunting and maybe PvP.