Logout to server selection screen.
issueid=2639 04-17-2019 08:24 AM
Logout to server selection screen.
Button on the ingame esc menu to allow logout to server selection screen.

I'll admit to doing this and I suspect I'm not the only one. Logging into Xsyon but selecting peace instead of war or vice versa. I often click through without thinking walk away to do something while the log in is happening only to come back and realize I logged into the wrong server. Or you're in, say, war finish what you were doing and want to log into peace on the same account.

Currently for both of these situations the only option is to hit esc and then exit the game. A nice option would be to have a log out button on the esc menu that takes you back to the server selection screen.
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04-17-2019 01:00 PM
Xsyon Citizen
A funny alternative is to disconnect internet so it takes you back to the menu and choose from there. :P

04-17-2019 11:59 PM
I had similar thoughts so thank you Jeckyll for bringing this up :)

04-19-2019 08:17 AM
Xsyon Citizen
Voted Yes

as a player of both servers, being able to go back to the Character selection screen would a nice QOL change.

04-19-2019 08:17 AM
Xsyon Citizen
[Edit] I meant server selection screen of course

04-29-2019 12:13 AM
Originally this was problematic but the code has changed a lot since then. This shouldn't be too difficult to do.