Pay Shop (Not P2W)
issueid=2662 02-24-2020 05:12 PM
Pay Shop (Not P2W)

Having some sort of Pay shop would be great to have as long as it didn't turn things into a pay to win situation.

Having things like the ability to unlock a 2nd character on your account would be something people could pay for, without it effecting game balance.

Having something like another 4 character resets buyable would also be something people could pay for, without it effecting game balance.

Might want to think about other things like player locked cosmetic items, like a suit that goes overtop of your armor with no effects aside of visual (could have a elf suit or a santa suit for example), or a weapon skin that goes onto of the same weapon class that has no effect on the stats (like making a axe look like the xmas one for example)

Adding a optional monthly subscription that gives you some non-game braking benefits such as increased green bar gain or double skill point gain, or crafting duration reduction all seem like things that someone might pay for if it was put into a subscription, while also not braking the game for other people without it.

I'm sure theres other things that can be thought of but I really feel as if making this a large one time payment is preventing alot of new players from joining, so this may be a way to lower the game price while still gaining extra funds.
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02-24-2020 10:21 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Some more ideas:

Pay to change player name

Pay to change tribe name

02-24-2020 10:38 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Another idea:

Totem adjustment ~ Let someone move the totem without having to boot everybody from the tribe or disband.

02-24-2020 10:57 PM
Xsyon Citizen
Another idea:

Cosmetic reset, pick a different face, hair, player model size, basically a 2nd chance at the first screen that effects you visually.

03-23-2020 12:19 AM
Once I'm patching regular updates I'll consider some of these. (Most are already in my notes)

A few comments:

Adding additional characters on one account is probably the first thing I'd try. I was thinking possibly to add 'tribe size' to a character as that is the main reason players buy additional accounts. So for example if you added three 'tribe size' increments your character would always count as four tribe members when calculating tribe size.

The Tribe Name change is already implemented as part of an upcoming patch.

A character name change, appearance change and stat resets would be fairly straightforward to implement (I think).

Transmog items would be more complicated but is something I already would like to do with the current in game special outfits and weapons. I could allow new players to buy the currently available special items that are typically only given out during holidays. I don't have the resources to create any new cosmetic items though.


03-27-2020 02:31 AM
Xsyon Citizen
I think having the ability to buy "tribe size" of a character would be a huge thing since alot of people buy new accounts purely just to add to this tribe size, this would elminate the needs of needing 80 accounts to get the max size, someone could in theory just keep buying tribe size expansions and get it on one account. This is a good idea.

I'm not sure who would pay for the xmas items honestly.

But paying for a account-locked "beta" item that can't be taken from you could be something worth paying for, however that gets into pay2win range and would prob upset those who rightfully got their beta weapons.

I think utilizing the inv slots on your left hand side of "inv" that are unused could be a good thing. In theory if you put say "the whole elf suit" on the left side instead of sharing slots with actual armor, than in theory you could make it so the elf suit goes overtop of any of the other pieces on the right side and you would "look like a elf" but actually be equiped with everything on the right hand side.

In theory if you made it account locked like the beta starter items than nobody could steal this "look" from them.

Currently if I equip the elf set it puts me at a disadvantage due to lack of stats on the item and lack of protection from the item verse what I could wear in leather or bone. I also put risk of it being stolen from me if I equip it and someone kills me. However if it was equipped in the left side slots that are non raidable than you could wear a "bought set" overtop of your armor without having to worry about it being stolen off you if you wear it, or have less defense or stats or extra weight for wearing it.

03-27-2020 02:35 AM
Xsyon Citizen
there are 4 slots open on the right side atm and the top mask on the right, thats 5 slots total that could be used for lower body, upper body, shoes, gloves, hat.

If you moved the "helmet equip" slot from the top of left to top of right, than effectively everything on the right hand side would be "equipment" aside of your "shirt, pants, necklace, gloves and shoes" on the left side. If you moved these all to the bottom, it would give you 5 slots on the top you could use for "vanity" skin slots that could cover the whole body.

For example if you equipped a "upper body skin" you could disable the visuals of everything on the top half of the torso, same thing with the "lower body skin" could disable the visuals of everything on the bottom half of the torso. Again gloves and boots disabling the visuals of their matching counter part, again with helmet as well.

03-27-2020 02:38 AM
Xsyon Citizen
A option for organizing this could be taken from path of exile.

The way they do it is you press a button on the keyboard to open up the "pay shop" menu of things you've bought, from here you can drag and drop these vanity items from your vanity storage window and put them onto your hero.

A system like this could work here too, press x button and a "bin" opens that is player locked that you can only put vanity items into, this would let people have the abiltiy to mix-match their vanity items, the gloves from this set, the helmet from another, the torso of another, the pants of another without being locked into one exact universal look from head to toes.