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    Taking over an old Compound/Base question

    I met a nice player who gave me his old Base in Pvp. I made a tribe and put down the totem, but changed my mind about the name. Alas that takes 6 hours so my benefactor is not around to ask follow up questions.

    I get the options to do things like 'lock' on doors and to change Hut use but when I try to use it I get the 'you don't own this object' message.

    What have I missed? I tried relogging.

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    K, I think I get it. Gates, even if not locked are OK because all my pots are locked anyway. I just have to worry about bundles.

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    Nobody can access your baskets or buildings on your tribe territory unless you set them to PUBLIC access. The one person that can access your gates (if they are locked) is the person that built/owns them. To fix this you'd have to dismantle the gates and then rebuild them, then they will belong to you. Hope this helps!

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    Yeah, you'll probably have to dismantle the hut and build a new on to be able to change its use because it was built by someone else.

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