Want to Be a Part of the Pawnee Legacy?

Well, then here is what you need to know

== Pawnee is currently NOT recruiting, unless you want to become a Master Builder ==

What this means is, if you have been around for a spell, and really like building,
We ARE looking for players that want to contribute to the re-building of Xsyon.

To that end, we allow new members full access to building and terraforming as you like.

Each member is given a 32x32 meter plot to start on that can expand as needed. The only
thing any members needs to show is a willingness to contribute to Pawnee's Buildings.

The more creative the buildings/structures, the better! And, you are allowed to build BIG!

If interested, and willing to accept a 2 week probation period, then whisper LaughingOak in game.

== The Pawnee Tribe ==

Over the years we have had many players that made their mark in Pawnee and the world.

The Tribe has the maximum area a tribe can own and access to all resources.

We can provide all member with master level tools, armor and gear including carts...

HOWEVER, we are not going to just hand these things out. The idea is to play the game.

So, we will enable you to progress as fast as you want, and help with gear along the way,
but expect you to work towards your goals and we will help keep frustration levels low.

== Our Goals ==

To be the Western Trade Hub for Xsyon, and to be a show place for what can be done in this game.

We are also working on providing the game with a variety of venues to hold events in, so if you
have ideas for an event but need a bigger spot to make it work, please Join Pawnee and help out!

== Requirements ==

To be fair to other players, cause NO drama, and be willing to help out the tribe, tribemates and
even those outside of Pawnee. We have NO enemies, and will ally with anyone.

== How to Join ==

Apply at the welcome station OR the main tribe totem. After a review we will accept or reject the app.


Whisper me in game. Type /w LaughingOak then the space bar