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    New player stuck in Compound of other, can't die of thirst.

    How to escape? I can't get over the wall. /unstuck gives me the fabulously helpful 'objects are in the way' message.

    i can't die of thirst or hunger because I'm a new player and there doesn't appear to be a suicide button.

    Lesson learnt.

    If anyone knows the Essen traders in PVP, could one of them come online and open the gates for someone patently undeserving?

    Thanx in advanx.

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    I know you're out now, but just for future reference you can try asking for help in the help chat /h ... failing that we have a ticket system and someone from the guide team will help you out asap.

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    Oh, cool, thanks for that.

    Thanks for the rescue.

    I still think turning off the starving or dehydration for new players is a bit hand holdy and a suicide button is more useful than you think.

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