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    crashing after patch?

    is it just me or is the client crashing every 5 mins after patch?.. stops responding i have to close via ctrl/alt/del then the client wont start back up for a few mins with "could not creat file"

    anyone else?

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    somthing really screwy is going on here... crashing every few mins.. everyone on pve server same thing, some with crazy lag spikes... my ping is solid tho..

    after re logging for the millionth time tonight, my meters show "0".... tried again and 1.5 MB patch comes down... but then crashed again.... whats going on??

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    I'm looking into this. What you're describing is a 'freeze'. If I can't figure out the cause tomorrow I will have to roll back this build and put it back into testing.


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    *sigh* Freezes again after re-patch. I locked up on client side 3 times in 15 mins, 2 different toons, two different computers.

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    im not sure if another patch dropped in between this and Valdor's post but ive just been in for about 20 mins no crash but i couldn't interact with anything, bins wont open/wont chop tree's ect ect

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    I'm fine if I don't move, but I can duplicate the freeze every time I take a cart across a zone border.

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    Could you guys open tickets in the help desk ? I'd like to communicate with you guys directly to ask for specific tests on the Test Server if you can help.

    I'm going to roll back the current build. I really need to be able to reproduce these issues on the Test Server in order to find and fix whatever is causing this.


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    sending ticket now... lets get this tracked down...

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    server is not responding and timing out

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    I just bought the game and it happened to me several times during my first hour of play.
    I also wish it started in full screen because it was somewhat difficult to get me mouse to cooperate until
    I was able to go full screen. Seems fun so far. We will see.

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