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    I played for a week or two at release. I remember setting up a homestead as it is called according to the wiki. Now I have connected again and am trying to figure out what and how . According to the wik, I need to do something with a totem. I cannot find any useful information in the wiki about totems or on setting up one's homestead. I don't see a totem in my bags. Did it disappear when my homestead got disbanded years ago? So what do I do now? I don't think a game would tell returning players to never log back in again because they will never be able to own any property , so just in case it was a craftable I checked all the recipes that I had, to no avail.

    Do I need Totem Time? That page says it is optional and does not exactly say that I need to purchase something in order to start a homestead. My accoutnt status says "Active Citizen", probably on account of my purchase of the full game back in 2011.

    So what am I missing, how do I get me a totem?


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    Every command you need is under the Tribe button. Usually in the lower right I think.

    First name and create your tribe. Then you can place your totem.

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    Oh, so I have to create a 1-person tribe first then? Thanks.

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