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    Greetings All From The North

    Evening All, Drake Hawkins here. Glad to meet you. I have just downloaded and installed this seemingly wonderful Gem of a Game. I am very eager to begin exploring and adventuring. I hope to meet many of you either in peace of battle. I have a small and rather new YouTube Channel and I think it will be fun to make some current content. Perhaps when I learn a few things about the game i can put together a tutorial or two even. But that is in the future. For now I am just eager to get in game and start learning.

    Feel free to contact Drake Hawkins in game any time.

    See you in game.


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    Welcome to the greater Tahoe area.

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    what ever you do don't come to war server cuz, like its totally pure chaos and theres ppl on fire and babys screaming and psychos like me chasing others with bloody chainsaws with no mercy.. or could be 100% tame and boring cuz no one plays it XD

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    Hi all, I am new here and the game is very interesting.

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