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    How do i get my a steam key for this if i already own it

    i bought the game a very long time ago
    and was wondering if there is a way to get a steam key for this?

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    Submit a help ticket explaining thats you want a steam key.
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    How do I link the game to my Steam account. same issue as the post above - original backer here, want my Steam friends to see me playing!! 1st time back in years!

    Edit: just spent 25 mins on PvP. no one online but me?
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    I go on PvP time and again, been busy, but I'm fairly active. The PvP Server is usually 1 of two things, little to no people online, or there are lurkers. It's usually always lurkers, I would know.

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    So, game is dead. shame.....

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    the game isn't dead everyones just at pve

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    Yeah it's true, trust me. I'm just at PvP because there is more building space, there's the possibility of PvP for fun or for Real, and I have accomplished more work with my skill levels there.

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    Witam , mam pytanie koledzy . Grałem ostatni raz 4-5 lat temu w Xsyon i teraz chciałbym wrócić do gry na tym samym koncie bo mam trochę więcej wolnego czasu i tu pojawia się problem . Po ściągnięciu gry przy próbie połączenia mam komunikat "Unable to connect to server : you are not ,a current subscriber" co jest grane ?

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    Hello Mower,

    Did you play in the past with a free trial account? Xsyon currently requires a one time payment (and no subscription). You can add a paid account through your account page here on the website.

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    That was a jarble of language lol.

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