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    Later NPC expansion: "RISE OF A NATION"

    Later expansion:

    The REVENANT NPC army intervenes in the conflict!
    Link War map:

    This army is to be played by one or more Gamemasters!
    That also means more work! But we players now have more fun, which brings more players into the game!
    A short description of what a "RISE OF A NATION" game master should do! He builds a minehouse with a public door and with a enclosure like the players. Inside move naked high-end 5 REVENANT !
    As soon as the Gamemaster has finished this, he also writes in the forum
    ZONE: example 700
    MINING HOUSE: created 29.October.2017
    WAR DATE: 9.November.2017 (this 10 days later--<timer)
    WAR TIME: 17.00 pm

    Players can now take such a mine and later zones without and a Tribe totem by traveling there with their carts full of selfmade army armor and weapons (in the color of her army) and having themselves killed with these armor and weapons.
    The REVENANT loot the armor and weapons and thus become mercenaries of their own army. If all REVENANTS are visible with several pieces of equipment of your own army color dressed then the players in the forum write the same as if you had finished a mine house and the 10 day timer runs!
    The public door is secured against unauthorized entry by an own cart within these 10 days.

    The peculiarity here is that the Gamemasters don't require resources for dollars, but because the players have had a lot of work, only 1000 dollars per day are put into the player's cart!
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