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    The naked wanderer -intro

    Once i remember living on mount tathgor, forging weapons and armor made from elements unknown, from tools of pure light. I served under the gods, creating gifts of immense power to honor them for the life they had given unto me. One day I was asked by the gods to create a creature of duality. Confusion overwhelmed me, but it would not deter me, and so i began. It seemed time faded around me as I worked on this being, yet no matter how i tried i could not finish my work. Finally the gods called me to them, telling me to bring what my work has made. Reluctantly i brought my work to the top of the mountain, placing it in the alter. First to speak was Mihr god of armor "Its body from head to toe is without flaw, perfectly constructed". Next to speak was Sophia god of weapons "it overflows with power, like a raging river, expertly crafted". Finally Forfax god of resources spoke "every aspect, every inch, every crevice is made with care, through fire and trial i can see your work is without question the making of a demigod". After a moment of silence i herd them say in unison "yet your work is not finished. For this you have brought shame upon yourself, and will be cast from us. You will be stripped of your tools, your title, your name, and will from this moment live in the human world". My heart sank deep, i failed my gods, yet a question rose up inside me till it came forth "how could i ever bring this being to life without the powers of a god? No matter how i forge, how i work, how i toil and try, i could never bring it breath". In a instance i was no longer on the mountain, but standing in another realm. I was standing on water, surrounded by fog, but then i saw 3 figures move out of the fog toward me. It was a old man in rags, a young man wrapped in darkness, and a woman bathed in light. I knew where i was at that moment, before i could speak Forfax spoke "your trial began when you were asked to forge our creature. You have failed your task, and though it pains us, you must be outcast. I just wanted to see you once more my son". The other two looked at me distantly, but in the old mans eyes i could see pain. Darkness consumed my vision, and i drifted into oblivion.

    Slowly i open my eyes to a bright day, sitting up i see that im in the human world. I seem to be dressed in strange clothing, and sitting on a island with some sort of village. I stand up only to fall back down, i must have been out of it for some time. After a few attempts im able to stand and walk into the little village. Walking around i don't seem to see anyone here, yet even more strange there is a bag near the gate with my name on it. I open the bag to find tools of all types, but made out of iron and wood, very fragile tools. Even more confusion fall son me, why would this be here for me, i could break these tools in half with no effort. Pulling out the axe, putting my hand on the blade i struggle and strain to bend the metal with no avail. Seeing the gods have taken my strength too, i holster the tools and walk towards the water so that i may sit and think. Question after question passed through my mind (why did they give me a task i could not complete? Why did they outcast me to the world of humans? Why do i get this feeling im being watched?) Looking to my left there was a woman staring at me, i spoke up "what are you doing?". "i could ask you the same question, you've been sitting there for a while" she replied."where am i? what is the name of these lands?" "last time i checked this is xsyon, unless they changed it recently. So where are you from if you don't mind me asking?" "im from mount tathgor" "never heard of that place. Are you from beyond the mist?". Stopping for a second i ponder (are all humans this strange?) "I don't know this fog you speak of" "ok starters wow, you definitely aren't from around here with that talk. Also im talking about the fog that surrounds xsyon, i always wonder whats on the other side". (At this rate ill never get her to stop talking) "yea im from the far north west, its a small village". "O ok well i was heading north anyway, i would love to walk you back to your village, and get to know you along the way". (I try to cover my back and now she wants to get to know me...) as she walks towards me i feel a power, one that is all to familiar (she has one of the weapons i forged)

    A days walk is what it took to get near the edge of the mist, in that time i learn that her name is Terana, and she loves somethings, and is annoyed by even more stuff (sometimes i wish the gods never gave me ears). Quickly we found a small village where i told her i was from (guess i better tell the truth). Right before i spoke we hear a loud crack followed by wood boards fly into the sky from behind a few houses ahead of us. We walk quietly till we reach the houses, then move between 2 of them slowly till we hear another loud crack. Holding my hand out so she knows to stay i then peek around the corner to have my heart stop. (Ganter, why did it have to be a ganter, and no less it seems to be tearing apart this village for something... or someone) i turn back to Terana and whisper "its a ganter" "what in the sams hell is a ganter?" "Its a crocodile mutation, it has the body of a man with the head of a crocodile and its covered in spikes like from a porcupine from its neck to toe. The only down side is it uses ice magic". Terana stairs at me strangly "really? ice magic?" "yes when they eat their breath becomes like iced winds and can almost freeze a man solid, this allows them to make their meal last" "that sounds like a terrible way to go" "by the look of the village, destroyed as it is, id say he's killed everyone in the village". Horror etched over her face as she looked around the corner to see the beast "Why is it still here if he ate all-" the ganter ripped through the rubble of another house, this time a high pitched scream replied. Terana "someone's in that house, we have to stop it!" instinctivly i raise my arm out to stop her. I reply "we cant, it wont be killed without the right weapons, its best we leave before it noti-" pow! I was taken back, she slapped me (why did she do that? there is no way to win this). "you listen here, i dont care where your from or what your customs are. I will never leave someone to die, because aslong as i have breath in my lungs there is hope to win". With that terana pushed by me and ran toward the beast, swinging the sword that she had on her backpack around and hitting the beast's back. The ganter swung around in a instant, cutting terana's arm with its spikes, i quickly ran to help her with a dagger in hand (this is a time where i wish i had a actual weapon). It lunges a terana as she rolls out of its path, sadly ganter arent entirely dumb, it then picks up ruble from a destroyed house and hurls it at both of us. We both dodge out of the way, but i get hit by the beast foot as it kicks me a few feet away. I hit the ground hard and roll, when i stop i begin to cough up blood (this is strange, ive never bleed before, and i feel a intense amount of pain in my chest like something is broken). I try to stand until im met with the beast's foot again, this time it strikes across my head and the world blacks out. Much time later i wake up to the sun setting over the horizon, i struggle to my feet before looking around. I dont see the ganter anymore- (no) i rush over to Terana, her body lays limp with a wooden spike sticking through her chest, blood coats her clothes and she is almost white as snow. "no no no, wake up terana, you have to wake up, cmon!", her eyes peek open, she whispers "we did it, we fought the beast and i got a good hit on it and scared it away. Tell me the person we were trying to save is ok now". I look to the crumbled house where we heard the scream, all thats left is blood and bones, i turn back to her "yes she is just knocked out, ill check on her in a second but we have to get you down and help you" "no, i think my time is up, but dont worry now you have someone knew to travel with, just promise me you'll take care of them". (ive never felt this way before, it feels like my heart is being wrenched from my chest) i look down, unable to meet her gaze "i promise. Tell the gods i said hello" i look up to see she is already gone. After spending some time digging her a grave in town i set off down a beaten dirt road, not sure were im going but sure of one thing, I will repay my debt to terana, even if i have to defy the false gods who made me.
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