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    Apache Wells - Peace Server is Recruiting

    Greetings Wanderer!

    Sit for a moment next to our fire and relax your laces, have some water and food while while we enlighten you about our Tribe.

    Apache Wells is located on the scenic eastern Tahoe shoreline surrounded by rivers to the north and south, and close access to the steep mountainsides to the east. We are part of a peaceful and friendly tribe of relatively experienced players. Our tribe is a featured starting area, with more ammeneties than that of Founders Island. You may even begin your adventure starting on our Tribe!

    Our tribe is open to new travellers and old alike who are seeking the solace of the land, but the safety in numbers as well. Our expansive tribe features a large Abbey, as well as the beginnings of three player housing districts: River District, Wharf District, and Forest District. Our goal is to establish player housing in the surrounding lands, provide a sustainable pasture within our confines, and have easy access to various other resources for crafting and the persuit of what ever goals each tribe member may have.

    We aim to work as a collective tribe in order to assist each members individual goals.

    We are also looking to develop a backstory on our tribe and highly encourage roleplayers to join us for tribal or world events, and quests.

    We are Apache!

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    Welcome to the Well!:


    It is a sheer pleasure to have some new faces in tribe. Once we get the wharf district fully built we can get some screenshots posted!

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