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    Lightbulb Question Regarding Ranged Combat

    So a question popped into my mind. I decided to have a look through the gallery, when I noticed that in the gallery, there are tabs for different categories. One of which was the armor art concepts. I decided to have a look through, and I really like them. However, I noticed that as I got deeper into the concepts, most of the characters in the art had guns in them. Xyson being post apocalyptic, I would not be surprised that guns would still exist, as a lot of post apoc games have that. So, when ranged combat like bows (and crossbows?) come out, will guns ever hit Xsyon too? Just a question I had. Also, I really love those armor arts.


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    Some very sexy bits of concept are over there :P

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    I'd be ever so happy with just a sling, to start, although a game with so much Indian Lore and NO bow and arrow does seem odd. Ranged combat would add another aspect to the game, and reasonable nerfs could be emplaced so as to limit the power and the ability for players to simply stay in a safe area and shoot outward/upward/downward, etc.
    The first and easiest would be to require a ranged attack to be performed while standing still, including the draw and any reload. Damage could be limited as with other weapons, based on the ability and weapon quality. Shooting in inclement weather could also have a higher failure rate, just as wind can throw a bowshot in real life. Shooter ability could also determine shot placement, with higher levels doing more damage as an interpretation of the shooter getting more critical hits to vulnerable areas.
    I've thought about the "shooting from safety issue", and my ideas are:
    1. The Gods, (using whatever Indian Pantheon you prefer), could frown upon such behavior and find it "unfit for a warrior". Such shots would do less damage, have a higher wear rate on any equipment used, and level the skill or ability half as fast.
    2. Limit the amount of ammo one can carry by using a quiver with a limited capacity, and require additional ammo to be either bought from Trade Totems (this adding to the player economy) or manufactured at an actual "crafting station". Scaling could be implemented, with beginner ranged combatants being able to craft slings and ammo, later leading to bows and arrows. To build a crafting station, required minimums in tool, weaponscraft, and architect could be implemented.

    Great game, I'm upset it took me so long to find it.

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    This is a really great balancing idea Kaoti. It would be an awesome way to help lower level and newer players deal with people like that on the PvP server, but on PvE, it could be frowned upon for killing animals in the safety of walls and such lol.

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