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    Willow Peak Village Tribe Role play is nice

    Hello Fellow Xsyons or new survivors.
    To the far north of Founders Island Is a small kingdom called Willow Peak Kingdom.
    It is a kingdom of many tribes and farm steads, and a safe heaven for everyone in the north.
    This will be a kingdom of many tribes/building sites similar to that of founders island "starting location". You can either join the village proper or strike out on your own in the area. All who joins in the kingdom will get a free 5 slot starting cart, water skins, some tools, and farming seeds.

    Willow Peak Kingdom current and future plans.
    Existing sites is a masonry located at the only sand source in the region and a safe heaven for gathering sand and other masonry goods and Bridges to get around and a gate house with safe zone.

    Current plans is a Bear preserve going up to increase the safety up here.
    Further advancement on the village proper of its craft shops and huge under ground storage facility for village and kingdom folks.
    The new temple site for the Tree of Life which will be the tallest "dirt mound/Tree trunk" in the world that will have cantilevered branches extending out from it with various buildings on it.
    Also may become the futures main city site.
    Near future builds will be a fishery, inn, several guard outposts and barracks.
    The kingdoms double wall/animal mote protection which will be a massive under taking.
    And many many other sites going up by active members of their choosing.

    Also am looking for rogue builders who wish to partake in the development of the kingdom that wishes to add a small building or farm where ever in the kingdom.

    Founded 2018 new year or 2070 of the Xsyon year
    The kingdom is located in zone 1098, 1099 1058 and 1059
    On the peace server

    The role playing Goal for this site is to build a full sized kingdom that guards the north highway from the mist creatures and forms a trade route to this regions resources. As well as a fun new group build that promotes an actual sized villages and scattered home steads at a time like this for role play purposes.

    Chief White Willow
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