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    How to load more than 4 bundles into a recipe withoiut a cart?

    I'm trying to make a cart but I have to make a saw to cut items for the cart. Since I can only carry 4 bundles of branches on my char's back, how else do I load 5 branches into the saw recipe?

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    the max of an item you can have on your back is 4. So if you have your crafting set to qty. 5 then you must pick up another batch (or 1) to finish filling the que. Why not just make 4 at a time?

    You will find that some items have build qty. limits put in place I would spose to deter botting since afk macroing is against TOS.


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    I just realized I had quantity set for 5 instead of one saw. I keep forgetting to reset my quantities to 1 for things like this. :/

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    Lol trust me we've all been there.

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