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    Group oriented people already exist on both the War and the Peace Servers. Please allow these two microcosms to exist independently. Like Jordi has stated many times before, the two servers might change in the future due to a great many reasons. At the moment, however, this model is the best for everyone. Also we can't keep talking of skills locks....we've beaten that rhetorical horse into oblivion.

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    I agree with Diomedes the whole skill lock has been talked about for years and the way i see it will never happen. Each player has there own play style and to try and push group play to only one server is absurd. Let players chose there own play style, if they want to solo so be it if they want to group together so be it . Lets just drop the talks about the skill lock and see where the game heads.
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    Sure thing, lets see where the game end-up.

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    Yeah i hear what your saying, but that is one form of play style, there are many, some will not play a game that allows everyone to master everything, others wont group at all, some will only ever work on one skill anytime they play, its a very adverse world out there, at this current time the mechanics in place for the game rely on things such as skill decay, and or, have some areas that require group play, while others do not, also i hear what you are kind of saying in the background, it is alot of work to max out a skill and eventually, at a certain point you will have to lose decay skill in something when you have worked on your character for a long time, but that is in place to continue to give the player something to work for, eventually you max all your skills to 100, then what ?

    Currently, with the low population, he needs to concentrate on updates that fix some of the issues that numerous players that no longer play have brought up in the past, after those have been handled and the game draws in more new players that stay, then such things as a third server would make sense, but currently he wants to get the game mechanics in place, and working correctly so that he can come out of early access, and draw in more players.

    I personally do not like the ruleset you have suggested, but hopefully one day the population will be such that it is an option.

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    Hello, I have only played a few days now, but enjoy games like this very much.

    Merge both servers!

    There is not enough population for both.

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    Glad to hear that you are enjoying this amazing and one of a kind adventure, Xsyon has to offer.

    I have also suggested merging the servers; however, a point was made on the part of many others involved. The truth is that many players only want a PvE option while a minority of the players want an all PvP server.

    I suggested a PvP server with zones that were PvE only; however, it seems as if the player base has risen (slightly increased) since separating the servers.

    Thank you very much for your feedback and participation in the community, if you have any other suggestions and/or comments please be sure to voice them on the forums, as we love to hear from the players.

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