Hello everyone!

I originally had other plans for last season's event tokens but in the end we're going to keep it simple and allow players to redeem their tokens directly to a Guide.

You can redeem tokens to a Guide in game or open a help ticket to receive your prizes.

Scrapper cart - 20 tokens

Pre-Order weapons - 10 tokens (limit one per player)

Unreleased backpack - 5 tokens

Rare architecture blueprint (Mist Trader blueprint) of your choice - 5 tokens

Other scheme / pattern / blueprint of your choice - 2 tokens

To redeem your tokens through a help ticket, please supply the following information:

- character name
- tribe name
- server
- tokens you plan to redeem
- prize you wish to collect
- for expediting token redemption you can place the tokens in a locked bin and note the location (x, z, zone) in the help ticket and we can deliver the prize directly to this bin