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    Status on the 2017 Patches


    Just curious if the game is ever going to get the patches that were mentioned to be out in 2017...ya I know...its 2018 now.

    Yes the game has a lot to do for a new player but those of us that have been hanging on waiting...well...kinda getting tired of waiting.

    Not slammin on the Dev so no intense rebuttal needed...just an update with some sort of time frame.


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    Sorry for the slow response. This post didn't show up for me in 'recent posts' and I just noticed it.

    Yes, the patches will be coming as I'm still working every day on upcoming features. The new AI is taking a long time but I will release a lot of what's been in the works at least for public testing during the Steam summer sale (I can't give a specific date on that but it'll be soon enough!)

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