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    tamable BASCET-REVENANT ....GO HOME or Follow!

    You know?
    - First the objects then the money!
    - What we would need are special tameable REVENANTS with a basket on their back or only a Inventar with many places! such Revenants are traders and any other player can trade by right-clicking on them! A window opens where players can put their goods or money.

    Now to the idea:
    - REVENANT also have the command Go Home!
    At go home it runs to where you have set home.
    Take a Revenant to a town you want to trade with and SET HOME. and on FOLLOW he will run right back to the player!

    Let's assume we need 40 granites from a city in the north. players must first make this city GO HOME for their tamed Revenants. Then the player who wants to give his Revenant the command GO HOME. This then runs automatically to the GO HOME location in the north. Then the dealer can open the inventory with a right click on the Revenant and put this 20 granite in.the Player that wants this granite then simply gives the command FOLLOW and the Revenant then runs back to the player. if the Revenant is then with the player, he can right click on the income to take out the goods and put in the money! Then he returns the command GO HOME and the Revenant runs back to the GO HOME Point in North.The North Player can then put out the Money!

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    those BASCET tamable Revenants are very interesting Points of interest for all other Players in the world if they found it . They are mobile Traders with simple commands what we now have with Mounts and pets

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    all Players can only Right click on the Revenants if he stands still! If he reached his GO HOME place he stands there still.And only then Players can Right click on his Body with the Inventar! If a Revenant is Walking the Right click disapears suddenly

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    These are pretty good ideas, but a little far fetched. The intention of the game was for players to do this sort of work, not have traders do it for us. Still, mounting and taming the animals finally is a good start of updates!

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    you don't have to send a Revenant! there are many players who don't want to run for hours. I prefer to take the risk of my revenant being intercepted and plundered, but it's also a chance to use the time for something else. As I said, you can also do things yourself

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