You know?
With taming REVENANTS and animals, another unique feature comes to XSYON that you won't find anywhere else in an MMO! What makes Revenants so special in XSYON:

a You can name any soldier Revenant!
b With PLAY and FEED they become stronger and thus you are already unique
c Revenants are also getting stronger by fighting
d Equip with player-powered armor and weapons to make you even more powerful.
e In XSYON you also have a unique real-time strategy game
f from dead Revenants you can then take the inventory
g.) Naked REVENANTS attract armor and weapons from killed players
h REVENANTS you can give the following commands: follow, patrol, attack and stand still and walk home
i If REVENANT had an inventory later on, you could be used as a scout or anything else.