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Thread: New player here

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    New player here

    Hello everyone !

    I am downloading the game right now, due to slow internet it probably won't be ready before some point tomorrow.
    Have you veterans any basics to share with me that you would have loved to know when starting out with the game?

    I have absolutely no idea what is awaiting me in the game, any advice would be more than welcome.

    Much obliged !

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    Hello Dairasin,

    The first thing i would recommend would to be follow the tutorial it has a lot of useful information. When it comes to finding "rock" to make a firepit that would be any kind of rock, Granite,limestone,basalt. A mallet is the same as a hammer.

    Second thing would be to avoid the revenant "Xsyon's version of a zombie" If they kill you they will loot some of your equipment.

    then there is eating and drinking never forget to keep up with that as it will kill you.

    Best of luck on your arrival to the world of Xsyon!
    --Guide Michael
    Guardian of the South and Element of the fire, Chief of the Archangels, Angel of Justice, Strength and Protection.

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