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    Linking Xsyon to Steam account

    I have been tinkering with Xsyon a bit on my main Acct/Steam Acct. and decided that I required my secondary account as it holds the other half of my crafting skills. I found one post from just over a year ago asking how we could get the key code needed to link with Steam and I assume (even though it has changed from how it originally was) that nothing has changed on that front and we open a ticket requesting a Steam Key code.. Is this still the case? if so, where do we file a support ticket from these days? Did it not used to be support ticket here on forum... since this was where we came to read any response? Then in game was your basic "mommy my foot is stuck in the tree stump"??? Or am I getting my games mixed up? lol
    Anywho, I am wanting to link the game to my steam account.. Hit me up with some leadership, guidance, and counsel.

    This of course assumes that someone still reads the forums semi regularly.. OH and can I get a report of all the changes that have taken place while I was away? Just have that on my desk in the morning, and we will take a look at you working this weekend at that time. Ya... Thanks..


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    The dev and the guides meanwhile prefer tickets under this link:

    Click on "submit a ticket" and fill the form. This way it works well for me (as long as I make sure that my email provider does not put the answer into junk suspect ...)

    Do this for "mommy my foot is stuck in the tree stump", too, and my experience is that the problems are solved quickly.

    If your foot is stuck, try looking in a direction where no building parts are blocking, and then type in the chat line "/unstuck" - this might make a ticket unneccessary.
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