Has anyone else noticed the lag spots in the world seem to be getting worse/more numerous?

I know that recently (last 3-4 rl months) a new one appeared very close to Bear Necessities (an alts tribe) and that running around on various characters I seem to run into lag spots more often. I have run along the western lake road more times than I care to remember but recently I encountered 2 bad lag spots, in 937, that stop you in your tracks right at one end of 2 different bridges.

These spots are a minor annoyance at best but when running for you life from an animal can be deadly. I know I've died more than once because I hit a lag spot running from an animal and while I'm stuck the animal is busy killing me.

I know it's not a computer issue as I had it on my old laptop and now on my new desktop that runs much more graphically intensive games without a hiccup.

Anyway as I said at the beginning I was just wondering if anyone else thinks these spots seem to be getting worse/more numerous?