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    Lag spots getting worse?

    Has anyone else noticed the lag spots in the world seem to be getting worse/more numerous?

    I know that recently (last 3-4 rl months) a new one appeared very close to Bear Necessities (an alts tribe) and that running around on various characters I seem to run into lag spots more often. I have run along the western lake road more times than I care to remember but recently I encountered 2 bad lag spots, in 937, that stop you in your tracks right at one end of 2 different bridges.

    These spots are a minor annoyance at best but when running for you life from an animal can be deadly. I know I've died more than once because I hit a lag spot running from an animal and while I'm stuck the animal is busy killing me.

    I know it's not a computer issue as I had it on my old laptop and now on my new desktop that runs much more graphically intensive games without a hiccup.

    Anyway as I said at the beginning I was just wondering if anyone else thinks these spots seem to be getting worse/more numerous?

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    I don't really have lag spots, can you give me a better location so I can check it out? I will report here once I run around it for a while.

    I seem to have like a very minor blimp here or there seems like loading in a new area. But once I've been there it doesnt lag at all.

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    Here's three all in 937 as I don't have the time to check some other spots right now.

    937 154.8 985.8 running south on a dirt road after leaving the river
    937 229 478.5 on the southern end of the bridge this one stopped me in my tracks
    937 541 721.9 once again on a bridge and stopped in my tracks.

    I should note that once I have gone through it if I turn around and run back the way I came there is no lag spot well at least for these three that I just tested. Others I have experienced I think are the same when you run back through them but I can't say for certain.

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    Here's another 4 spots I just ran through. The first one is approximate but pretty close as I was running from a shadow bear at the time but went back to the approximate area.

    1058 870 450 not a full stop but bad stutter
    1019 207 484 stop start stop start about 4 times
    979 357 987 stopped in my tracks
    979 542 783 on a bridge

    I'll stop now

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    Peace server or War server?

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    I have stuttering/stopping, too, in several zones. I thought it is due to massive buildings like the whole founders isle when I move from zone 980 to 979 (stop and stutter). Same happens when I approach e.g. Valorinak Republik or Pawnee, Master Builders etc.

    I thought that it is getting worse because tribes add building pieces (e.g. for animal pens) or have lots of logs which they had not before. I experience this especially when e.g. Hideout in 980 felled trees and chopped many logs. Then I have lags when going from 979 to 980, which I have not if they removed the logs.

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    I've experienced it when there are no massive buildings around for instance while swimming across the lake. Not near Founders or the shore line and with nothing around me but water and nothing on the mini map but water. The last time I was killed by an animal because of a lag spot was at a river crossing/waterfall in the southwestern part 743 and there is absolutely no large buildings or stacks of anything down there.

    Last night I was running a character from founders to 703. I swam to 901. took the main road to 861, then the secondary road that runs south through 862 down to 782, then picked up a player made road that runs from there to the southwestern part of 702 and finally cross country to 703.

    Lots of lag spots all the way. Some just a little hiccup, others a stutter, at least 2 that had me stopped mid stride for a couple of seconds and a mix of buildings, bridges and nothing but countryside.

    Interestingly enough when running around 863 in close proximity to Cloud Nine and Master Builders I don't recall having this issue but I'm old so that may just be my short term memory.

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    Checked last night, and I had no issues in all those areas. In fact I took a trip around the whole lake, and looked at Pawnee's tribe etc etc. No issues.

    I do see a very slight (20ms) stutter in some areas, but as Wyry says I think it's loading in buildings or something.
    I really do not have lag issues, and for some reason my ping is 0ms not sure how that comes out as I don't even have 0ms to my own router in my house.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Maybe it is something to do with my connection but only when playing Xsyon as I don't have this type of issue with any other game I play.

    I did notice when running back and forth to founders from 1099 that the lag spots heading south were the same but heading north I hit spots in different places. Any that you get maybe because of buildings but I get them in the middle of nowhere.

    Anyway they are an issue (not a game breaking one) for me and my alts as I run around the map but I'm happy that this isn't really affecting anyone else to the same degree.

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