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    Question What is Xsyon? Can someone describe it more?

    About a year ago I added Xsyon to my Steam wishlist. Recently, I've reconsidered a purchase. However, there is only one video on the Steam store page. And neither the Steam description nor the official website About pages were able to answer my questions.

    The Steam video says Xsyon is an "alternate reality fantasy, where the history, legends and myths of the real world come to life." Does this mean that it has story elements resembling Earth's mythology and legends (besides references to Earth deities, that is)?

    The video says that "players are not only the adventurers" but also the dungeon masters, monsters, quest givers, merchants and several other things. Can players give quests to each other? Are there quests from NPCs? (Does Xsyon even have NPCs, beyond the creatures and (possibly) deities?) Is the notion of players possibly being "monsters" literal or figurative? Can players really take on the role of a dungeon master, or is that speaking figuratively?

    The story or mythology hints at benevolent gods as well as a choice of joining the forces of justice that fight against the chaos or the side of evil that want to destroy the world. Currently, are there gods in-game that the player can appeal to for blessings or other benefits? (Or is it a planned feature for later?) Can one's deity be called upon to help smite an enemy tribe? Is there a choice between law and chaos or something similar? Maybe an option to conspire with agents of destruction for... some sort of benefit?

    The description talks of a rift that opened and "strange creatures" that appeared. Are these creatures rather alien-looking? Are they all extremely similar to Earth creatures, merely with extra horns or other features? Or do they closely resemble those of mythology, such as grendels, griffons and harpies? (I really wish the Steam store page showed more video or images of the creatures.)

    Mostly, I wonder if this is just a typical medieval-style survival sandbox - or if it has more to do (like actual quests to fulfill) and fantasy elements like fantasy creatures and magic. Is there magic, such as spells or potions?

    I did notice that Xsyon's last update was in late July of 2018, so that is encouraging. But the fact that Xsyon has only 200 reviews on Steam and has a "Mixed" rating gives me pause. Some of the reviews complain about things like: "population is incredibly low", abandoned characters have turned into hostile revenants that will easily murder you, or that the game requires tremendous grinding. Are these fair criticisms for the current version? Is it based on an older version? Is there an active community?

    Finally, I noticed that some have complained about a lack of a Single Player mode or the ability to set up a dedicated server. If Xyson had such features I would feel much less hesitant to buy.

    There is a forum topic titled "XSYON features explained in Youtube videos!" However, I could not get that link to work, so I could not watch the videos. (Translating the page from German, it reads, "Unfortunately you are denied access to this site. You do not have the necessary access rights to access this page.")
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    Hi Thundercraft,

    welcome in Xsyon let me try to answer some of your questions ... I started a year ago and I am online nearly every day. I am German, so surely can answer some of your questions ingame in German if you want.

    There are two servers, one PVE and one PVP. Up to now there are no singleplayer or dedicated server. Usually, I prefer singleplayer games, but Xsyon is one of the exceptions and it keeps me in. Currently, the game is quiet, for me it feels sometimes like a solo player game, which is fully ok for me Some players need to communicate a lot, others enjoy a quiet game. So while others complain about low population, it is ideal for me. Big advantage is that you have plenty of time to walk around, looking for a good place to settle, and to build however you want, without need to hurry. Or if you prefer playing with other players, join an existing tribe. Population also depend on time zones. The morning in Germany is the night in USA. This might increase the impression of a low populated game.

    Most of the players on PVE are very friendly and help if you want help. There is also a good tutorial implemented, starting with the welcome message text, which has arrows to open the tutorial. So depending on how you want to play, you can use the tutorial for yourself or ask other players. Or both.

    Development of the game is slow, as it is one developer only who has to do every little thing by himself. This is a bottleneck for the speed of updates. It is still Early Access, meaning unfinished. Currently, the dev works on taming and riding of animals. This is available on the test server, so will be implemented somewhen in future. Of course, the game has some bugs, but in my opinion is anyway playable very well, otherwise I would not be in it every day. Many players are waiting for this riding update, and I am sure that most of them will return when it is implemented.

    The world of Xsyon: Imagine our existing world which was destroyed in a worldwide war. Nature is recovering, but a still deadly green mist hides most of the land. Only some parts of the world are free of the mist. All animals are mostly as we know them in our world, like deers, bears, hamster, rats, chicken, rabbits, but are more dangerous. Be killed by a rabbit or cat is easy. Some animals are harmless, others will attack you without being attacked first.

    Where humans have lived before, where houses stood, are now only roads and junk piles. You can search them and find metal, cloth, plastic, dollars, blueprints to be able to craft several items, and so on. You can craft baskets, clothes, armor, weapons, tools, and even handcarts for transport, or buy/exchange them from others.

    Animals close to the mist might show as mutations, e.g. rhino-rats (rats with a horn) or normal shaped coyotes be a blue or red larger and deadlier version. The good thing is, when you are killed by an animal, you will still have all your belongings when you are revived. No running back to your point of death, except that if you had a handcart with you, this handcart will stay where you died. But you have two weeks of real life to go back there and grab it.

    Players which do not login for about two months will "reappear" as zombies, ingame called "revenants". Armed and sometimes with weapons, they are indeed deadly (as deadly as rabbits are). Avoid the revenants in the beginning, because if they kill you they will also steal your armor and/or weapon in your hand. They will however not touch your bags with its content.

    Where humans have lived before are now only roads and junk piles. You can search them and find metal, cloth, plastic, dollars, blueprints to be able to craft several items, and so on. You can craft baskets, clothes, armor, weapons, tools, and even handcarts for transport, or buy/exchange them from others, which might be easier.

    Trees are familiar to our current ones. Douglas Fir, Aspen, Weeping Willow etc, which can be cut for wood, firewood, building mats. You can either do all this alone with rare contact to others, or you can join an existing tribe and work with others. Yes, it is lot of grinding, but nevertheless can be really addictive.

    Water is available in all rivers and lakes, and you can find food by foraging for edible plants, hunting animals or grow your own plants yourself (farming).

    There are no NPCs ingame, also no Dwarves, Elves, no Griffins, Grendels and Harpies, and no magic (except that magic-like revival after death). There are no gods, deities or prayers (except prayers like "oh no, a bear, please be a good bear and don't ... aaaargh ... damn bear!!"). Of course, I don't know what is planned for the future.

    Yes, players can give quests to each other. You and other players can set up quests, e.g. if you want others to do grinding for you, you could place a quest like "collect 20 sand and you get a knife in return". Simply ask for things you need and offer things which you have spare, of course hoping that someone wants this knife. Or you do it more direct, e.g. one player might be a good hunter and can kill the bears for you, you are a good woodcrafter and can provide very high quality wood pieces which are needed for very high quality tools and weapons. You can be an allrounder or a specialised character, whatever you like more.

    So, to summarize this, my proposal is: Give it a try. This week there is a 50% off sale, so the decision to buy is much easier. Xsyon has a very special charme and atmosphere wich is difficult to set in words. In the end, the only one who can really decide whether the game pleases you or not, is - YOU.

    Maybe we see/read each other ingame? My tribe is not far from the newcomers starting area and I have always some bins with free stuff and might be able to help you further ... if you want. If not, don't worry, be happy

    My main character is "NaGut" and the tribe is "Hideout".

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    There is a ton of videos out there if you look.
    then you can see other people playing it.
    the xsyon steam community page also has videos on it

    and search YT

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