I know you have other plans for Revenants! But could you also make the Revenants tameable to test if players create special events with them? I think we players have a lot of ideas what to do with Revenants.
You can still turn it off once the Revenants feature is finished.

You know?
With taming REVENANTS and animals, another unique feature comes to XSYON that you won't find anywhere else in an MMO! What makes Revenants so special in XSYON:

a You can name any soldier Revenant!
b With PLAY and FEED they become stronger and thus you are already unique
c Revenants are also getting stronger by fighting
d Equip with player-powered armor and weapons to make you even more powerful.
e In XSYON you also have a unique real-time strategy game
f from dead Revenants you can then take the inventory
g.) Naked REVENANTS attract armor and weapons from killed players
h REVENANTS you can give the following commands: follow, patrol, attack and stand still and walk home
i If REVENANT had an inventory later on, you could be used as a scout or anything else.