The best part of this entire thread to me is the information in it about how they system works. Now (thanks Bejaymac) I understand more about the power/stat relationship to animals.

When I started playing over a year ago the overwhelming feeling I got from global chat was to get to 100. Nothing else mattered as much as getting skills to 100. It wasn't said exactly like that but that was the message. Over the 15 or so months I've played I've come to realize you don't need to get skills to 100. (depending on your play-style) I should perhaps add that this was how the message was perceived by me. It may well have not been perceived the same way by anyone else.

This game has a lot to offer whether you're a full time, part time or an only when necessary grinder. The message we give out on global needs to be more balanced. I personally believe it isn't as "hardcore" get to 100 as it used to be but I also believe it isn't balanced - yet.