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    What knowledge for a newcomer

    So I got bored and found this game. I mean I'd heard of it before, but never really looked into it. So what is this game eventually going to be like? I mean is it going to be more something of EvE but in a "fantasy", I hate that term, universe or is it going to be more like something like A tale in the Desert, both of which I've tried for at least a month?

    I did read a couple threads before I posted this, so I've got a limited understanding of it. I'm just curious since it seems like a crafting-centric world, which I have been wanting a lot, and it slowly progresses. Also, what happens to those that take a sabbatical from the game? Will they still be able to come back and be competitive or.....?

    Oh, btw konichiwa, aloha, hello...and so forth

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    Re:What knowledge for a newcomer

    Hard to answer your question really since Xsyon really seems to be something novel.

    Sort of like Eve but more flexible in terms of territory with no large static empire safe zones, skills that grow with use but have a soft cap so you can't be good at everything and because of that you will be competitive still if you take some time off, once character per account so no hiding behind an alt.

    Sort of like A Tale in the Desert but with purpose to the crafting since you are aiding in your tribe's survival against other tribes and computer creatures, tribes will have real territory control and will be able to give out their own quests without everything having to be done by the lead designer.

    And welcome to the forums.

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    Re:What knowledge for a newcomer

    Any places where bottlenecks become an issue with pvp. That is one of the biggest things I disliked about Eve. You couldn't get to any "fun" area without going through at least one bottleneck. Which I had plenty of bad experiences with that.
    Thanks for the info

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    Re:What knowledge for a newcomer

    I don't foresee any bottlenecks for character movement as the land is large and varied (really varied). No jump gates here!

    Yet I think bottlenecks will happen over trade routes if, as I suspect, the most valuable trade will have to be done by carts over roads. Existing non-destructible roads do not go everywhere. Player built roads probably can only be built within tribal territory.

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