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    Official Xsyon Discord! Apoco-Atmospheric Music and More!

    Hey all,

    Been awhile since I poked my head around here. Decided to create a Discord server for those that wish to talk anything Xsyon related; be that RP, Lore, Xsyon-History or just plain ol' survival. Music will be brodcasted on the channel from time to time...think Fallout 1-2 soundtracks and Wastland/Kenshi ones along with Folk and Rock. Cheers!

    Link Below:

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    FYI, I just tried the invite link you posted and got the message "Invite invalid" It probably expired. Discord invites expire I believe in 24 hours unless you set it to not expire.

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    You'd be right! Forgot Discord did that for Security reasons. Silly Ol' me. Anyways, this is the fixed link. Enjoy!
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