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    Anyone know what's going on here?

    Over the last three days when I have logged in there has been a dead bear right next to my tribe boundary. But it's a dead bear with a full health bar. But wait there's more this dead bear disappears after about 40-50 mins in game time which I think is about 4-5 mins real time. If I log out then a little while later log a different character from the same tribe the bear is back for its' usual 4-5 min cameo. I should also say that the same day I noticed the bear I also noticed that a cord of grass in amongst others was missing on stack of 4 from the top row right in the middle. It's never come back.

    Anyone have any ideas what's going on? It's not a problem I'm just curious. Screenshot of the bear below I hope. I was going to post one of it gone but couldn't see the point

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The bear is not dead!...He is tired! …

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    Yeah very heavy sleeper. I've stabbed him and whacked him with a shovel and not even a twitch. He's a sucker for punishment to keep coming back there to sleep lol

    Was logging in as I was posting and he's back. I guess he likes my place.

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    So today just got even more weird at my place. Logged in and as usual the bear was taking his death nap next to my place but then I noticed a mule deer running around in my safe zone down by the water and granite. I know it's safe as I have taken refuge there from all manner of animals in the past.

    Damn mule deer was running around trying to get out but couldn't. I get it to chase me and run outside over the low posts and instead of (as they usually do) running immediately to the spot in the fence where it got in it ran around trying to get out and get me. So I open the gate to the area run in and then out and now the mule deer follows me through the gate.

    Did it spawn in there? If not how did it get in? If it was a spot in the fence why didn't it use that spot to get out? So many questions so little explanation.

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    Sounds like you've been getting quite the adventure lol. I'm not sure myself what's going on here, never had that happen to me myself.

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    The bear is probably a coding glitch, either a corrupt file client side, or a mismatch between client and server. Used to be one where boulders were regularly being replaced with other items.

    As for the mule deer, animal pathing, as far as the system is concerned the map is a flat plane, which is why animals can go up a mountain or over a dirt wall like they don't exist. Even building on a gentle slope can cause the pathing system to see under your walls, which means they can also walk right through them, once inside the pathing system can see all of the buildings leaving the animal trapped.

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    Thanks for the response. I can see what you're saying for the bear but while understanding and willing to accept the mule deer explanation I do have a little trouble with it.

    I guess it all depends on whether or not the flat plane is at the top or bottom of the slope and whether or not the height difference from top to bottom is greater than the depths the posts are sunk into the ground. Any which way it happens to be this is so far the only time I have had this happen.

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