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    Did alot to get Xsyon onto Steam. Became a laid off teacher and job hunter. Anyway, did not realize we made it and am disabled/retired and ready to play. Would love to play on Steam, but no response when I requested a steamkey. Anyone know the status on this?

    Thanks and excited to be back!

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    Hi Amelara,

    Welcome in Xsyon Best is probably if you write a ticket here:

    However, I played a lot via Steam and with the time got more and more lags in Xsyon, caused by Steam running in the background. Then I switched to use the original Xsyon Launcher and since then the game runs smoother.

    Either way, I wish you much fun and success in Xsyon, and if you have any question just ask in the ingame chat. Players are very helpful there.

    See you then,

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