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Thread: Active players?

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    Active players?

    it has been a while since I played and loved this game... however the lack of players kinda bummed me out. specially since to build great place you would need many people working together. how active are people playing game lately?

    By liquidblade at 2012-02-18

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    Im here huckleberry

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    I am on a lot but with different toons so some may not recognize me. I am sometimes called the Mayor of XSYON I have a lot of toons

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    I've just joined the game... Let's hope it goes well!

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    I agree and will bump this back to the top.
    I've been regularly (on intervals) checking back to see how Xsyon is doing, still has great potential, just the playerbase is fairly low which is deferring people.

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    LaughingOak here checking back in

    I'm curious as well as to who is playing.

    I may drop back in to check out new pet system.

    Hope you and yours are doing well Xsyon!

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    Beep Boop I've popped in every now and then.

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