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    10 years of Xsyon Prelease

    Xsyon entered a pre-release phase in March 2010.
    In January 2013, Xsyon entered the Steam Greenlight program, the entry program for games that eventually launch on Steam.
    In September 2013, Xsyon reached the top 100 of over 1300 games in the Steam Greenlight program.
    On December 29, 2014 Xsyon was officially released on Steam as an Early Access game.

    That's what wiki say

    It's almost March 2020.

    There was a lot of mayor and smaller changes in the game since then.
    New players don't see how much this game evolved in those years. There are a lot of us that are playing this game from a beginning or started when it was on Steam Greenlight (like me). And we all can see a lot of changes in game starting with Arch (it evolved a lot) animals who was writen from a scratch by Jordi and a lot of other bigger or smaller changes.

    There are a lot of new players who just have no idea how much work it cost to reach that point.
    How many games are dead in the same period of time ? A lot.
    But Xsyon not only survived but it's still growing.
    Maybe we dont have thousands of players online, but those who i meet online everyday, i really think that they are closer to me than people that i meet in real life.
    This game helps me a lot while i was divorcing and depressed, and when i was just pissed off on coworker i always know that i can login to xsyon and chillout.

    I wanna say a big thanx to Jordi who is working really hard developing this game, and all players who i meet online ( JJ, Baby, Top, Nob, Wambli), and future players.

    Just keep working to make this game so friendly as it is

    And wish to play it till i die ( and i wanna reach at least 100 years so ... )

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    Thank you very much for this overview I join in saying a big thanks to Jordi! Great work!!

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    Impressive history. I just hope the game is going to be continually developed in the future too!

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    7 years later still on steam greenlight? I've been looking into this but I gotta ask; can you truly advise this game thats been in pre-release for this long?

    I was debating buying this but after looking at the dead forums where this is the only post from this year and watching videos that show a baron lifeless game, I got to wonder, what is the population of the servers?

    Is this game truly big enough to have a pve and pvp server?

    Even Haven & Hearth has a free to play model; "No money? No problem! Haven & Hearth is mostly a free game, and if it's worth nothing to you, you don't have to pay us anything for it. For the fair price of a song we are already providing you with the above."

    Its kinda crazy to me to see a game without a free to play option if they desperately need players. I mean $32 for a dead game is asking alot if you ask me, its a larger risk than most are willing to do for a game they may not like cuz nobody plays it, they should have it around $10-15 or a free to play option with some kinda disability like maybe slower exp gain or stats to stay current to the times.

    Cuz I'd like to try this, maybe I'd like it, maybe I'd pay the $32 after trying it, but I'm having a hard time justifying paying that right now for something I haven't even tried, that by all accounts seems to be a dead game even a couple years ago.
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