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    I also agree that creatures running up or off cliffs you cant follow is prob the worst thing ever... Is there a way to "not prevent" but give them a bonus to choosing to go any direction that doesn't have elevation of x? OR you could have it so that if someone is "chasing" it or rather its in combat or agro over x than it can't run up or down elevation difference of x.. this would mean you COULD trap chase them in combat, but they could still go over cliffs for migration if they are not in combat... wouldn't that solve both problems?

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    The system for critters and cliffs is probably the best that can be done. It is a good balance between scampering up cliffs at top speed (as has been the case for years) and the situation for a while after launch where they would congregate at the bottom of waterfalls and dead end canyons.

    Where I noticed the new behavior was in a fight with a cat near the base of a cliff. The cat tried to flee up the cliff and I managed to finish it in the first meter or so where I could still walk. Other critters were ascending the same cliff, but very slowly. So slowly that in some cases a character could go to a spot where the slope could be traversed and meet them at the top. Ranged combat could pick them off easily.

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    Did some hunting on PVE. Being able to hit the target on Test is so much better.

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    test on Testserver ...looks good and works fine

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    Hi everyone,

    I've patched some changes to the Test Server but I'm still tweaking things so I'll post again once I'm ready for further testing.


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    ive just logged into the Test server as of Thurs 30th April 2020, this is just an observation NOT about creatures.

    I see that you have altered the Name Order of the Foes/Friends Lists, it is now in alphabetical order rather then the order it was before.
    Is there a reason for this other then Neatness?

    Ill explain why I liked the old order it was in.

    The old order was the date you added the name, so i could look down the list and See the first name I added were people Like DDT, sister and willowhawk and the very last names on the list were new people I added recently.

    I liked this order because I could look instantly see whose Name was Blue and with how far down the list they were would know if they were a new or old player.

    Now I have no clue if the player ive listed is old or new.

    Is there a chance we could keep the old order ? or maybe have the choice to show it alphabet order or date added order ?

    thank you

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    ok i dont know what you are currently testing but I ran around in a circle inside my tribe area and I couldnt even outrun any animals and they all just hit me in the back while i was sprinting till i was dead. nice

    also the creature run animation looks off, like there legs are moving to fast.

    "13.13 damage taken from 8.12 meters"
    this was from a mutant canis

    First of all the dmg is massively reduced and i was hit from EIGHT meters away.
    It seems that solo hunting is not allowed now ???

    (im talking about mutants)

    Call me paranoid, it seems that its all directed so that I can no longer solo hunt.

    You cant see the hps of the animals anymore??

    ok i worked it out, you just stand there and smack them cos they do so little damage.

    Way to trivialise the hunting part of the game, go full blown city builder......

    before you needed skill and timing to kill big stuff, those that couldnt do that, stood on rocks and killed them through a glitch.

    now no skill required just stand there and smack.
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    I agree with chojinuk, its extremely unfun game play to have to just stand there and attack something till one of the two of you dies.

    There needs to be a counter-play aspect, back n forth, skill aspect... not just two bashing each other till one falls with zero skill aspect.

    There used to be skill when you could cause them to miss than capitalize on the miss with your own attack.

    But now with these new changes, range is way too high when players only have less than 3m range... this means theres no way to dodge a attack cuz you will need to be inside of their range in order to attack back.

    Animal "spin rate" seems to be infinity too, so theres no way to side step them or the attacks to cause them to miss from the side, its always pointed directly at you like a laser. This is also why people would walk backwards since it was the only way to make them miss due to the infinity turn speed.

    I attempted to fight a squirrel and it refused to attack me, but walked towards me as if it was going to and should be attacking. Hes locked at "after me" but stand in front me of, not doing anything. "threat 99.97 agro 100" yet isn't attacking me, this could be a range issue, I'm not sure.

    I did find a lab dog pup however and was pleasantly surprised to find it attacked me back! So I tossed a parry up and it said "successful parry" and the dog went into hit recovery, giving me the chance to get a hit in!

    Thats pretty dang cool! Huge step in the right direction!

    With this parry edit its no longer the two of you hammering attacks at each other till one dies, since you can now "out play" the creature by using parry to put them into hit recovery... While this "currently" is still a attack spam fest due to creature speed being too fast to be able to run away backwards, this at least brakes up the combat, your now parrying and attacking to reduce dmg and open up "hit recovery" actions on the creature for you to have the time to hit them... Its a HUGE step in the right direction congrats on getting this done in such a short amount of time!

    There still needs to be some other way of dodging or causing the creature to miss while your facing it, but I think the creature speed and parry update are both spot on currently.

    Wish I could test parry better tho, my PvE guy is a weak builder/crafter with 79hps so that kinda limits what I could fight since I got over twice that on PvP.
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    I agree the "exploit" of walking backwards, making them miss, than hitting them in the opening caused by the miss caused by bad code shouldn't be kept in the game.

    I also agree that this new form of parry combat instead of walking backwards combat feels WAY more interactive and less of a spam fest from the previous test server.

    However the "exploit" of walking backwards gave you the ability to avoid damage or "dodge" the hit if your doing it correctly, this means players with high skill where able to avoid attacks most of the time, while newer players would have a harder time till they learned how to properly fight and get their timeings correct.

    That is my only complaint about the current creature combat with the parry change, is theres no way to avoid damage, your locked into this fight till it ends. Makes the fight more intense and fun, so I think its a step in the right direction for sure.... however at this point now, other features would need to be added to make creatures more interactive to work with this to make it feel better.

    What comes to mind quickly is adding some kind of "rearing" attack to the creatures where they are locked into whatever direction they are pointed at till the attack is finished, this would help get around their infinity spin rate, this would make dodging to the side possible to avoid a attack... and that brings us to the dodge skill, we really really need some kind of player relocation, a dash forward, a dash side, a summersalt forward or to the side, theres lots of ways this could be gone about but there needs to be more movement to avoid attacks...

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    One thing I wasn't able to test due to my guy being way too weak to take the hits was if the creature attack rate was the same regardless of the hit recovery or not.

    Like for example, if creature swings and I parry, does the creature get to its next attack just as quickly as if he had hit me regardless of the hit recovery?

    Cuz it LOOKS awesome, the look of something happening when you suscessfully parry is great, but the question I'm wondering is if there is a combat benefit of slowing down the time inbetween attacks due to that?

    Like does it go creature hit > parry > hit recovery > start cooldown for next attack > next attack

    Or does it go creature hit > parry > start cooldown for next attack > hit recovery > next attack

    It for sure should be the first version where the hit recovery happens first, delaying the attack cooldown so the next attack is "one hit recovery action" slower than if he had just been repeatedly attacking you without parry.
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