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    Wanted: PvP cart

    Dont need carts anymore can make my own, message me on PvP if you need a cart!
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    Doesn't work that way, those carts "belong" to someone, even if it's 18 months since they last logged in, so nobody else in that tribe can sell you them.

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    I mean I greatly disagree with you.

    If they are 4k days inactive than the tribe leader can move the cart.

    This means they could move the cart outside of the tribe and claim it as inactive.

    If someone "really wanted to" they could easily claim all those 4k+ days inactive carts.. But I feel folks like baby are sitting on them "just in case".

    I suppose thats her right to horde if she wants but the reality is they could be sold, someone whos afk for 18 months shouldn't be holding onto stuff imo.

    Doubly so I don't think tribes with like 50 afk people should be able to hold onto the land and have one person controlling a max size tribe all to themselves, but thats a whole other conversation.

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