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    Are there plans for Xsyon to move beyond the prelude? Will the green mist ever move back to open up more of the map?

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    I can save jordi a lil time and address this.

    Yes he plans on moving it beyond prelude, he has a list of features he wants completed before removing prelude and completing steam green light, to move towards a 1.0 full title.

    Most of the non-combat related stuff has been finished, farming, building, teraforming have all been updated. He says hes finished the pet taming and migration patch, I was on the test server when it was up and the server side lagg reduction was very noticble so theres some big optimization updates there.

    Really whats left from what I can see is to finish up the patches hes working on (pets, migration, couple other things) and than start working on combat, starting with changes to how weapon swing is calculated and used to alow for fast attacks at 75% power instead of 1% power. Theres parry update coming too, but animals also need to be reworked to alow for multiple kinds of attacks instead of just the one single attack currently.

    So aside of combat the game seems to be ready to move out of prelude/green light. But since its only one guy working on it, this may take some time.

    So thats half your question addressed.

    The other half is the green mist, its a two part problem.

    First part is the map is pretty big from what I'm aware of and the mist is a way of keeping the limited player base closer to the lake so everybody isn't as spread out. This means folks are closer together, higher chance of people seeing each other or trading with each other due to limited population, as population grows the mist would get pushed out, the map is already made, it would just simply need to be enabled for access instead of misted.

    The other half is that things like the buggy animal migration was eating alot of processing power, so re-writing that has fixed alot of the desync issues between players and animals as a result due to less server side lagg. So as things are being optimized and taking less server processing power, the map could be expanded since its going to be able handle it without performance issues.

    This server side lagg and desync issues is also what has prevented ranged weapons from being possible, so with the migration patch, it opens up the ability to finally add ranged weapons.
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    Thank you for answering those questions. I think it’s a great game as is but it’s nice to know that it continues to evolve.

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