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    Please check this revenant, it VERY quickly (less than a second) changes the reaction and turns several times, but slowly gets towards Checker_Magga. Other revs there had similar behaviours.
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Name:	Screenshot_2020521_11_42_10 rev watch looks.png 
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Name:	Screenshot_2020521_11_42_12 rev watch turn.png 
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Name:	Screenshot_2020521_11_42_14 rev go to target.png 
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Name:	Screenshot_2020521_11_42_15 rev watch again.png 
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Name:	Screenshot_2020521_11_42_16 rev ignore.png 
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    An adult cat has the size of a kitten, a kitten has the size of an adult cat. Is this a feature for pet/taming or is it an inconsistency?
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Name:	Screenshot_2020521_11_48_36 big kitten.png 
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Name:	Screenshot_2020521_11_49_14 little elder veteran cat.png 
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    Maybe the following screenshots might help with the tricky part of 5) ???
    5) A deer which is NOT stuck keeps also being on attack for a long while.
    5) A deer stuck in a wall keeps aggro 100 but reaction runaway, while both chars are sleeping on a boulder. Is this a reasonable combination (tricky problem, I know)?

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Name:	Screenshot_2020521_12_25_33 deer not stuck stays on attack.png 
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Name:	Screenshot_2020521_12_39_28 deer in wall aggro 100 run away.png 
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    I've restarted the Test Server with another build. Here are some changes and questions:

    1) Incorrect names, animal types and animations not playing: In these builds I am running a function that resets creatures so that there are creatures of different ages and more child creatures. The function was causing all these glitches so I've revised it and all these problems should be gone now. (If there are still any names that don't match what you see though, let me know).

    2) I've further revised the behavior of creatures that have a target that becomes blocked or unreachable. Here is what should happen:

    - If you get up on a boulder or ramp, creatures in combat should run away from you. They can still keep you as a target but will only watch from a distance or move away out of target range.

    - If a creature can't reach you because of walls but you are on the ground, the creature should not target you.

    3) I've adjusted the speed creatures rotate along their paths, to avoid them going in and out of a wall while following a path.

    4) I've adjusted the timing on creature attacks as some of them were off.

    5) Question: Can you reproduce the situation of a creature getting stuck on a wall or boulder? If this can happen, does it happen only while the animal has a target?

    Overall, I feel this build is ready enough for a big public patch! I'll wait to see if there are any other reproducible issues or balancing that needs to be done.


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    I agree that this build is ready for a public patch, because what I found today are really minor issues. However, I am curious how many issues just because of the variety of playing focusses will pop up.
    Very well done from my point of view.

    Test area is now copied from PVE, but after death still the green bar appears like on PVP server.

    I attacked a cat, later a dog, and both got reaction "attack" but stood there without attacking. Maybe I was too close with my first attack because only when I went back they started to attack.
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Name:	Screenshot_2020524_10_32_20 cat.png 
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Name:	Screenshot_2020524_10_40_46 dog.png 
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    One observation: When walking backwards away from a rat, it had exactly the same speed like Magga. Magga has a running speed of 98.87, and when her speed went down, the rat slowed down to the same value.
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Name:	Screenshot_2020524_10_49_30 walking back from rat.png 
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    A rooster and a pine marten were stuck in a rock, it did not make a difference whether they had Magga as target or have no target at all. As there is a rock which is partly above the ground, maybe I found the only spot in the world where they still can get stuck?
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Name:	Screenshot_2020524_10_58_5 rooster stuck without target.png 
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Name:	Screenshot_2020524_11_23_51 rooster stuck with target.png 
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ID:	699
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    On the current server, animals can walk through each other, so this is not really new. It just looked weird when two rottweilers approached Magga, and when Magga went back towards the boulder they were exactly at the same location ... from close view their open mouths looked funny
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Name:	Screenshot_2020524_11_7_51 two rottweiler normal.png 
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ID:	700
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Name:	Screenshot_2020524_11_8_37 two rottweiler close.png 
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ID:	701

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    I'm restarting the Test Server with a few minor changes:

    1) I fixed a situation that could cause near creatures to not attack you if they were not facing you. This was due to the new rotation that I set up so that players could avoid creatures by sidestep dodging.

    2) I set up an extra check when players close a gate on a creature that already is following a path to the player.

    3) I adjusted creatures' rotation along their path as sometimes the slow rotation can cause them to go in and out of a wall or object.

    That's it. Just minor adjustments. This patch will go live June 1st and I will post a more prominent announcement about it.

    Comments on other issues mentioned:

    1) For the creatures stuck under that big boulder, did you see them get stuck or did you find them that way?

    2) I always run a War Server build for testing even if we are testing with Peace Server data. This is because the War Server has a few more 'features' basically and I like to make sure everything is tested.

    3) Creatures following that are right up against you will stay at your speed, up to their maximum speed. The situation where you are walking backwards and a creature keeps following at your pace is correct.

    4) Creatures going through each other and possibly stacking up is weird but that's how it will be for now. It does happen in other games I've checked out. It can be solved somewhat but can cause other issues so for now I'll leave it be.


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    Been busy working but I got thinking a bit more about this parry change.

    Atm you can just hold parry and angle it in the right direction and it'll do the hit recovery, and while this is as intended, if you continue to hold it up, it'll keep doing the hit recovery, this should NOT be as intended.

    Its parry, meaning that the concept is you need to hit the hit, not hold it up like a shield.

    Currently it functions like a shield with a hit recovery, since you can hold it up.

    The proposed change to fix this would be to make it so the parry cannot do the hit recovery action beyond being held up for say 2-3 sec. This could be a good "base point" to start for balancing.

    This change would make parry feel like parry, you need to quickly throw it up in the right direction for it to work properly for the hit recovery as the reward if you do it properly..... holding it up and pointing it in the right direction feels like a reward regardless of doing it properly or not cuz you can just hold it in the right direction.

    Could have dmg reduction lower over time as you hold parry up as well, this would feel great since if you quickly throw your parry up, you would get the longest hit recovery and dmg reduction, while if you held it up for 5 sec then walked into a hit, it wouldn't hit recovery or reduce as much damage...

    This could be the difference between "parry" and "block"

    "parry skill" could be exclusively when you quickly parry a hit within 2-3 sec, gaining a hit recovery and bonus dmg reduction.

    "block skill" could be exclusively when you hold parry up past 3-5 sec, losing the hit recovery and losing the bonus dmg reduction.

    I think this is the best way you could handle the parry and block issue, with this, you could still release shields in the future and the shield parry would make sense still so you wouldn't have to change anything in combat, only add shields n do graphics.
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