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    The logic behind this is that parry is effectively deflecting a hit so you take no damage, while blocking a hit your still taking the blunt damage at the very least cuz your blocking instead of deflecting with parry.

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    I like the successful parry pop up too letting you know you did it properly, I get thats most likely just there for test server confirmation..... but I think some kind of pop up like that could be good, maybe the same system message that you get when you brake a tool?

    My pve guy cant fight bears so I'll let you know about that after release so I can test with my pvp guy, I like the sounds of a 2nd attack tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Comments on other issues mentioned:

    1) For the creatures stuck under that big boulder, did you see them get stuck or did you find them that way?

    I think I found them that way, but to be honest my focus was on the dogs so I am only 99 percent sure.

    Thank you very much for the additional info and I am very excited to get the new version soon All my thumps up for your work!

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    I realized that I had forgotten to test those dark grey cave-like boulders and did that today. It was nice, a coyote went away when I was on the cave but attacked me when I was in the cave (which is fully ok).

    And then I saw something ... PLEASE can I have one when the big update is done? Please
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    A few comments:

    1) Regarding changes to parry. I will see what I can do for a future patch. Systems can always be adjusted and improved. This patch will go out next week and the proposed changes may sound simple but they are not given the current code. It may be best to post those in the Suggestion section as that's where I look first to grab requested features to implement.

    2) For test sessions I've been switching between data from the Peace and War Servers. I will continue to do so. (With the most recent tests I had the War Server data up for a long while until I needed to load the Peace Server data for some specific tests).

    3) I turned off the 'special attack' that I had set up with the bears. That can be for a future patch. When I turn that back on during another test session I will let you all know. It was a neat potential feature but will require a lot of work to fully implement it for all creatures if you all like it.

    I will post when I am ready for the next test session that will focus on Pets.

    This patch is ready for now and will go out June 1st! Thanks for all the feedback!

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    Just giving my feedback on this dodging combat. I'm sorry to say I do not like it. I was excited about it just reading, however, after testing it today. I can say it is not good.
    To fight mobs using this system you pretty much are going to get very dizzy.
    You spinning around the mobs over and over to avoid being hit and training up dodging. Also trying to get back attacks. This makes it so you are looking top down at the fight and it's very dizzy feeling. Doesn't really add much to the combat.

    I highly suggest changing it. Maybe even do something simple like simply dodge is a calc of hit or miss from the monster attacking you in range or something. It was a good idea but there is no real way to sidestep without spinning around the mob.

    Not sure what to think about parry, its good and strong. But it is a little lack luster. The fights I've tested this with are simply this.
    Hold Parry for 1 to 2 seconds, mob attacks you. If it hits your parry, you attack it back as it is stunned. Then hold parry until it attacks again.
    If the mob is not attacking you and attacking someone else or running from you, you simply follow and attack it. I predict this will be a highly used system even more so than the dodge.

    This is my feedback. I hope it helps.

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    Thanks very much!

    I will start a new combat specific thread and we can continue the discussion there. For now I am closing this thread as the public patch has gone out. I will copy some of the current suggestions to that start of the new conversation in that thread.

    I appreciate all the feedback!

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