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    06/01/2020 - Feedback Request - Big Creature, Combat, Optimization Patch

    Hello everyone!

    Please provide feedback on the big patch that has just gone out tonight here.

    Basically, this is the place to report anything strange, unusual or unexpected with this patch.

    Please don't post general feedback about balancing creatures or combat here. I will start separate thread for that type of feedback.

    As this patch consists of major changes I will be monitoring the servers and this thread. Often time we don't catch everything during public testing.


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    I moved around in zones 979 and 978, and here are my first findings:

    1) I have more lags than in the old version. My ping is normally at about 130 (connected from Germany), but today I had pings of 125 (better) but also pings up to 911 (no move possible). In total the games had more lags than usual in these zones. This was also experienced by other players.

    2) In zone 978 is a large tribe (Elite). They had caged many revenants which are now gone there and running freely in zone 978 (probably at their original location). These revs were veteran revs and had about 230 hp, all had very good armor and long shovels. I managed to kill 3 of them (one killed me twice).

    3) Those revenants had no attack animation, they went towards me and my hp dropped quickly without them seeming to attack.

    4) I assume that it will take some time until the animals migrate to zones 979 and 978, because one player only saw one animal, and I saw one only, too (mine was a young hamster).

    I will test a bit more later ...

    added info to point 1) some hours later the ping was as usual, maybe the lags were caused by people who downloaded the update???

    added info to point 3) other revenants later in the game reacted normal, that is with attack animation.
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    forgot two things:

    5) the armor which the revs had were e.g. bone armor, crafted by a player from Elite. One piece was even supreme quality, but had no stat modifier at all. Do rev clothes lose their stat modifier over time?

    3 added) might it be that the attack animation was prevented by the long shovels they had in their hands?

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    I just logged in and saw this dog ... I do not know if it spawned at this location or went there before I logged in.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've met several chars which have the name "0" - one of them is mine and trade window shows correct name.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_202062_13_13_4 player name 0.png 
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    Issues so far:

    Things that are probably ok:

    1) Ping spikes: I'll keep an eye on that but if the spikes are clearly related to something in game (like crossing a zone boundary) the cause is most likely bad connectivity somewhere between you and the game server. With the craziness going on the past week it's probably connectivity issues.

    2) Caged revenants set free: I wasn't aware of the caged revenants. It makes sense that they were set free with this patch. Creatures trapped on tribe land far from their original 'home' location were teleported home. Those revenants were likely ported to their original spawn point outside of their cages.

    3) Migration: Yes it may take a while. I may run another build that teleports all creatures to their migrated home just once to balance the zones faster.

    4) Armor without stats: That's normal for very old armor.

    Things I will look into:

    1) Revenant attack animations. I'll see if it had to do with specific weapons or maybe a specific animation it was trying to run.

    2) Stuck dog (or other animals). I'll have to manually check those locations. Most likely the dog was teleported to that location and it is now stuck.

    3) Characters with 0 as the name. Please give me the name of a character to check out. That's a strange one.


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    I've patched a minor build to fix a few issues:

    1) Character names should display correctly.

    2) Farming menu actions should display.

    3) I changed some settings with the AI loop. (This was planned I wanted to see how different settings affect the speed of the loop on the live main servers - it's always a bit different than the test server).

    I'll keep looking into the other issues.


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    I had an instance where animals were walking thru my totem walls. After grabbing a video of it, I realized, that the bear I captured is using the very small gap in between the edge of the gate and the totem. It definitely isnt the size to let a bear in, but at least it isnt that an animal is walking thru a wall. Since there is a gap, I dont know if there is anything to fix, specifically, but I wanted to let you know in case.

    - Path-finding: Creatures should follow more direct and proper paths around obstacles such as trees, boulders and buildings when chasing you or wandering around.

    - Path-finding barriers: Creatures should never go through walls now. If you can get a creature to go through a wall someone, please let me know the location and exact circumstances.
    I have had animals walk through my walls - multiple animals, multiple times. I am on the PVP server, in zone: 1021 position: X: 491.92; Z: 1016.49

    Just a list of things I thought might help:
    * I know its a harder zone area;
    * All 4 walls of totems are spaced as close together as possible - each wall has a gate (one side has 2 gates);
    * I did have a campfire going (although I know it isnt the same as it used to be with that);
    * I have no floors down (therefore not considered blocked);
    * Noone helped me build the walls, and I didnt have any errors what had to be fixed;
    * The gates were closed; it happened to multiple walls, not the same area
    * I was not being chased from outside into my camp - The most recent time, I was in my camp at the totem looking in baskets
    * I have had a bear, but also a blue mutant coyote and a small hamster ish type of animal.

    edit: Also, the bear could see me through the wall. I just thought I would mention it, but I have a video of that too, if it helps.

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    Migration seems to work ... I just met a mutant coyote with 527 HP in zone 979 (starter area). I think it is a bit too much for beginners. In the old version mutants in those zones were very rare.

    Coordinates please see screenshot above the minimap.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_202063_8_44_49 mutant 527 hp in zone 979.png 
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    Is there a way to get more of the small animals (hamsters, hens, roosters etc) in the low danger areas and keep the mutants in the higer danger areas only?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tig313 View Post
    I have had animals walk through my walls
    Ok. I'll take a look at that location. Walls built from totems like that are tricky. The collision for path-finding works best with regular walls. I'll use this specific location to improve the system though.


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