I'm still not sure why you think that WOW style special skills are not fun. I can see how you can think they are less skillful as you do not need to react in a split second, but I still think they are fun.
I guess its my job to explain to you the value of combat games now cuz you don't play combat games so you can't see the value in games you don't play?

1) it removes skill from the game

2) it turns combat into skill spam

3) it turns combat into less intense combat by making players want to remove themselves from combat to wait for their cooldowns to refresh

4) players who are waiting for cooldowns are not focusing on combat, but rather, focusing on when they can skill spam again

I have been extremely clear my reasons why people dislike this game, as in, massive amounts of people not just me think this is a old and outdated form of gameplay.

I know I've said this before, but why not repeat myself for your benefit; when elder scrolls online was found to be a WoW style skill spamming game instead of a LIVE action game like skyrim or last oasis, half the player base freaked out and boycotted the game.

Do you think xsyon has enough population to get boycotted by half of all gaming population? I don't.

Do you think the WoW skill spam system is so popular that people will start playing this game purely due to the addition of it? I don't.

So what is honestly the point than aside of making you happy?