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    Sorry if I sound so frusterated but I'm watching all the potential of this game, the reasons why I have continued to stick it out, get flushed down the toilet with these suggestions.

    I won't be playing if we turn this into WoW, there are alot of other games I could be playing, alot of new innovative games like "Last Oasis" that came out, its a survival game like xsyon but has a great combat system, its going to overshadow xsyon if you turn it into a WoW clone, I already know people who have quit xsyon to play Last Oasis.

    Instead of looking at games from 16 years ago, maybe look at whats being released today so you know what you need to compete with for todays standards, your not competing with games from 16 years ago today...

    Last Oasis has great multi directional combat, please stop quoting rust (a first person shooter, focused on guns) as a legitimate comparison to xsyon, cuz its not.
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