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For example if you had multiple directional attacks from creatures the same way as a player did, than you would have to block from different directions instead of just the same head on direction.

This would mean you would have to parry from different directions than the same straight on direction.

If you had different attacks, possibly a power attack from creatures that is slower but more powerful that you dont want to parry or dodge, would force you to change tactics and move out of the way instead of trying to parry or block.

All of these would help add life to combat and make it feel less like a soul less mmo from 20 years ago where the creature runs up to you and you both spam attacks till one of you dies.
Some of this is already in game.

Creatures already attack in directions. You just can't see it to know which direction the attack. So its guesswork.

Dodge is equal to "getting out of the way". They are exactly the samething. Dodge skill just lets to move faster based on your skill AGI weight and running skill.

i agree having you spam a skill til one of you dies is boring. I'm not asking for that. I'm asking for special skills where you use them in a case by case to use tactics. Like snaring a target you know is about to turn and run.