1) Adjust swing power. I did this already and could up the damage a bit more. However, the more I boost swing power damage, the more combat relies on charged attacks and again we get the problem that new players (and a lot of player in general) just are looking to click attack as they do in games they are familiar with. - Players will get familiar with the way a game works if they like the game.

2) Remove swing power / charged attacks. - I rely on the power swing for everything, and I have to say that to use it and try to block and parry its a bit of nuisance, however, I like the damage it does, not sure if removing it is the solution, but it could be a start .

3) Replace swing power attacks with special attacks from the action bar / hot key. These could be, for example, a slower attack that does double damage. This worries me. This would make the game similar to so many others that I no longer play, and I keep coming back here because of what I can do in this game and my chances of survival, I have enough stuff on the action bar, why add more?.

From my point of view, the charged attack vs the hot key power attack are very similar. The main differences would be how the action is initiated (through mouse action vs a key) and timing (charged attacks can be done at any time, a power attack should have a cool down like in other games). sounds similar to black desert online?

Here are things that I have worked on and plan to release as part of this patch series:

1) Artisan and Master weapons including bonuses based on specific weapon types such as critical strike and defense (parry) bonuses. I like the idea, need to know more how it will work with the current combat style

2) Ranged combat. like the idea, but I think we need to figure out the current combat issues before adding more "issues to deal with" to combat

As usual, if you have a suggestion that is similar to something in another game, please list the game or games so that I can potentially check it out directly. not sure if you are familiar with the game "dragons dogma" combat style, but it could give you some ideas that may help develop or improve current system

Note: If I missed anything, please post and I will add it to this top post.

Note: Please keep suggestions as concise as possible and the arguments to a minimum. It's taking me a long time to go through these threads (and suggestions) to pick out the actual suggestions. If you keep trying to please us all, you are going to drive your self crazy, stick with your passion, on why you started this game. I understand you are looking for suggestions, and we all can give you advice, so far I see only two people giving advice, in two different ways, you're not going to please both. I could be the person that unbalances this, but I have my own ideas on how combat should work. I know you would like to see more people in this game, but the people are not leaving the game because of combat, I feel they leave because this game is not their cup of tea, the detail on what it takes to create a single brick, people want things the easy way, but they have minecraft for that right?