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    06/29/2020 - Feedback Request - Pets - Test Server

    The Test Server is up with my latest build. Here are some changes to Pets with this build:

    1) Max number of Pets shows in the Pets Panel, Stables Tab.

    2) The name of the currently selected Stable shows in the title of the Stables Panel.

    3) In the Pets Panel, Stables Tab, if you select a stabled pet, it displays their current home stable.

    4) In the Pets Panel, Active Tab, the age and life of your active pet is displayed.

    5) The Attack command has been temporarily turned off. This will come in a separate patch.

    6) Feeding pets will increase their attitude towards you.

    7) Pet Follow function improved.

    8) The chance to tame a creature is dependent on their age and power. Baby creatures will be the easiest to tame.

    9) Your pets attitude towards you decreases slowly (1 point per game day). You will need to feed your pets to keep their attitude up.

    10) Fixed display for skill required when you canít tame a creature.


    1) Can you share stables with tribe members? Currently, no. Each player must have their own stables.

    2) There was a dog that couldnít be tamed. I couldnít find a situation like this. If anyone sees an animal that doesnít bring up the taming icon and buttons, please give me a location and the type of animal.

    Please let me know if there are any problems with the above listed items or with Pets in general. I feel like this first Pets patch is almost ready to go. This will be followed by a second patch that includes the Pets Attack command and a few other features.


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    Nice...cant wait for Part 1 Pets/Mounts

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    Jordi?..Any Chance that we can tame also Revenants? i have so many ideas what to do with it, for example in guilds colors with appropriate armor.
    Tournaments, PVP battles and so on! I know you have other plans with Revenants but could you activate this until then? it would bring in a fun factor without end

    This would be an enormous advertisement when other players see that you can build up your own army and equip it with armor and weapons. Xsyon has the possibility to do something like that and why not use it for now?

    other feature: FERTILICER from pick a feature
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    Stables 1): If access rights cannot be set for tribe members, each newbie who manages to tame one or more pets will not be able to put them into any stable until their architecture skill is 50. If the tribe leader cannot build stables for newbies, can the stable architecture skill then be set to e.g. architecture 20 like the gadu thatch roof?

    Stables 2): If I select to "show" my pet, it is inside of the stable marker post. The rooster is well hidden there. Is it possible to hide the marker when I select "show" for my animal, and to display the marker when I select "hide" for my animal?
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2020630_9_24_34 stable SHOW.png 
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ID:	718
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2020630_8_24_51 rooster nearly disappears in the stable post.png 
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Size:	1.04 MB 
ID:	717

    Stables 3) : When I have two pets in one single stable, how can I e.g. show two roosters at the same time in the same stable?

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    Taming 1): Never had so much different food in my inventory like today, so realized something only now when I click on "feed":

    I have to use the arrow which opens a window where I have to click on an arrow to get to the plant to select it into the feed slot, then finally I can right-click on the feed slot to feed it to the animal.

    I wish I could rightclick/drag&drop a plant in my backpack to put it directly into the single feed slot. Then the food selection slots could be avoided completely.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_2020630_8_56_48 taming message in food selection part.png 
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ID:	719

    Taming 2): Success/failure message is in the middle of the food selection slots. I can move the single slot but not the food selection slots. Is it possible to move the food selection slots together with the single slot?

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    Can't click on the taming head. Do not see a "Like/Dislike" bar.
    I can right click the animal 2 times and get a "Feed/Tame" option but not bar and cant click the taming head.

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    I've patched the Test Server.

    1) No taming revenants for now, sorry. I want to have that as part of a 'necromancy' skill and it wouldn't make sense to add them until I've finished pets attacking creatures. It's just too much additional work to do for this first Pets patch.

    2) Lower skill for the Gadu Stables: Makes sense, I've lowered the required skill to 20.

    3) Showing pet blocked by totem / marker. I've removed the marker and patched correct stables models. That was just a placeholder to indicate that the frame was a stable.

    4) Showing multiple pets in a stable: Right now you can just show one pet per stable. I will adjust this based on creature sizes (not for the first Pets patch though, it will come in a second update).

    5) Feeding Panel: Well, the idea is that players won't have to open their bags and click and drag. What I set up is meant to simplify feeding by showing only food items and allowing players to click the food item instead of dragging and dropping to select it.

    I could improve this a bit. I'm thinking I could just show the food items and the player can click to feed from the icons directly, instead of selection a food, then selecting the chosen food to use. This would remove a step, but you would always see the rows of icons with various foods, instead of the single top icon.

    The main reason I set things up the way they are now though is to simplify the process for players that will be feeding using the same food repeatedly.

    6) Moving the food selection panels together: I've set this up for this build. Please check and let me know if it works ok.

    7) Unable to click on the taming head icon: Can you try through Steam? What is your resolution? I'm thinking some file is corrupt.

    8) Double right clicking an animal to bring up the Tame and Feed options: Do you mean the actual animal? If you can reproduce this, can you take a video of it?


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    2560x1080 100hz. Windowed
    I'm not sure how to get into test server thru steam. I use the normal downloader.

    There is a link to the testing video. The video has sound if you want to hear me explain it.
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    I see. The taming head icon wasn't moving properly with the panel. I've patched a fix for this (through the launcher only for now, I'll patch the fix through Steam with my next small test patch).

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    Pet testing

    3) I like the new stable design, thank you very much for changing it, it now really looks more like a stable.
    5) "... to simplify the process for players that will be feeding using the same food repeatedly."
    a) When I proposed to drag and drop the food from the inventory to the feeding slot I had the full stack in mind for a repeated feed. In the screenshot I have all the food in my backpack bin, but still have to move via the arrows until they show the correct food slots below. For my (very personal) feeling it is much more simple to open the backpack and rightclick/drag&drop the food directly from backpack into the feed slot.
    ==> Maybe other players could add their feelings about this, please?

    b) The food slot rows only show the correct number of food stacks if it is less or equal 20. When I have 21 food stacks, the click to the "next" arrow results in closing the feed windows completely, if that arrow appears at all.
    When I have 29 different stacks of plants/meat in my inventory, only the first 20 are shown. However, if I have 30 different stacks, all 30 are shown. Thus, in the screenshot attached I could not feed the deer with the blue elderberry. I first had to rearrange the food in the backpack.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_202071_6_44_56 food list incomplete for food in taming.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_202071_7_31_53 30 food stacks.png 
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ID:	726
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot_202071_7_52_41 22 food stacks.png 
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Size:	1.00 MB 
ID:	727

    6) food rows are now movable, thanks for this.

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