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    Thanks Xsyon, looking forward to the interface feedback thread.

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    I went out for taming another pet today and went to Founders Isle ... A mutant made its way to there, and I even saw a revenant!

    Would you please take another look how they managed to get there? Coordinates please see screenshots. Thank you very much!
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    Found another issue where the messages are a bit misleading: I have full love of the deer, but the message keeps telling me that I should try feeding the animal first. Please see screenshot.
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Name:	Screenshot_2020728_7_0_26.png 
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    With another mutant I got the correct message that I need to have taming on 100 first, so maybe this deer above just hits some border between tamable and skill too low?? Taming skill is 52 currently.

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    I've patched a small update that should fix issues with dismantling stables due to incorrect pet counts in the stables.

    About the mutant and revenant on Founder's Isle: Although it's a 'no danger' zone, creatures on Founder's aren't affected by the migration system. Those creatures could have followed a player there and then end up getting blocked by the big walls. I'll see what I can do about these situations.

    About the message that you should try feeding the animal first, when did this happen? I did patch a small patch yesterday with some adjustments to that.

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    Thank you very much My experience with feeding the animal first was about 1 hour before the posting. When I meet a mutant again I will check if it still happens. Thanks for all of your caring

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    After attempting to tame high level animals when I have the skill but not the stats, I get "Try feeding this animal" as a failure message. There is a plateback bear within my walls. After feeding her, I was getting a "You must have 51 skill with perfect stats" message. Raised my skill above 51 and then got the "Try feeding" message.

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    I think mutant pets are way to strong. They have the same HP as other mutants allowing people to by-pass the need for groups. You tame yourself a mutant pet, then use it to attack mutants.

    My idea is maybe lower the damage tame's can do, or lower their defense values greatly. (Maybe even to 0)

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    Regarding the incorrect 'Try feeding this animal' message: I think the problem is that the creature's attitude is constantly decreasing. So, even after you feed it to the max, it may have decreased a bit before you attempt to tame. If your skill is close to the required skill, the message can end up being incorrect because of this.

    What I've done to fix this (on the Test Server) is count the creature's attitude as max if it is 45 or above (of 50 max). I tested this and it seems fine now. If any of you seem to get incorrect messages on the Test Server still, let me know.

    Regarding pet mutants being too strong: I was thinking the same. Reducing their defense might be an easy solution and I'll look at that first.

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    After more testing with tamed animals.

    They need to be GREATLY nerfed, after tamed they need to be much less HP, and damage cut by over 1/2. Removing the armor is only going to effectively low their HP by 30 to 50%.

    Having said that, I also think their "attack" movement speed is bugged or way to slow.

    The ease to tame the most powerful mutants is way to easy. I seen someone tame them with 63 taming and 90CHA on the first try a Shadowbear.
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    The Test Server is up with a few changes:

    1) Pets should not be able to attack Players or other Pets. I am running a Peace Server build on the Test Server.

    2) I made a few adjustments to Pets in combat:

    - Mutant pets don't use armor absorption
    - Mutant pets take double damage.
    - All pets do half damage.

    3) Attack movement speed has been set to run instead of walking.


    1) I will look at the taming skills. The required skill varies based on the age and power of the creature. The amount of variation and effect of food is probably too much.

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